Local Notary Network

Anyone know anything about this outfit? Is it an outfit or is it a scam?
I sent a gazillion emails to me noting how much work I could get from the organization.
I finally took the bait, paid $40 to them and haven’t heard a thing from them since, 8 months ago.
I’m wondering if I should report them to the state attorney general. The phone number doesn’t even work.

I think you just answered your own question.

Yes, there are a scam, its seems Notary Café is the best Site to get work from

Yes it is a definite scam. Be persistent in threatening them with action. They will eventually refund your money. Follow up with a call to the credit card company and challenge the charge. Follow that up with contacting the attorney general. Continue to contact - via telephone and leave messages and via email. Then cancel the credit card as they will try top charge you again at a later date and hope you don’t notice it.

You said it. It is a scam. There is another one which is Certified Signing Agents. I paid what was to be a one time fee. They came back a year later and wanted me to renew… I didn’t. I just got an email for this year saying if I don’t renew I will be deleted from receiving business. I never have received anything from them and no one has said they got my information from them.

Are you on NotaryRotary.com ? I find very good and 123notary.com is goo too.

It is a scam. When they first started out they had an address in Temecula on the receipt for the ‘registration fee’ that I paid. As I live locally, I thought I’d check it out. The address turned out to be in a shopping center with the main street address having several other businesses in ‘suite’s’. There was a: dry cleaner, smoke shop, florist and a Postal Service center type business. I suspect that this ‘listing service’ is being run by the notary in the postal center. I went in and asked for the “Find Local Notary” owner/representative and was told that they had no idea what I was talking about. Within a couple of days, the address disappeared from the website etc. I also did not receive any business or calls from them after I paid the ‘registration fee’

Yes they are a scam, I signed up for the free listing and then then sent me a job for $155 and when I accepted they said it was given to a premium member and I could be one for $40. Its a scam!!

Thanks for sharing. I wondered about this since I was offered several high-paying jobs, always being turned down because ‘another notary had received the job’ and then was encouraged to join the network. If the network was legit they could deduct a registration fee from the first job & everyone would be happy.

I think its a scam. they keep sending me a bill to upgrade. I paid it twice like an idiot. I delete their messages

I think you should report them. Now that I know I am not the only one who hasn’t heard from them, I’m going to report them as well.