WARNING: Emails from notary registry

Has anyone been contacted by and signed up with Nationwide notary registry and if so what was your experience with them?

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Don’t reply. Just block or mark as junk/spam.

Block them. They’re a scam

Most certified notary signing agents [CNSAs] pass on that ‘opportunity.’

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Scamarusski Pass on this one.

I actually just received an invoice from them. They are trying to get me to sign up with them $15 with a Due date Fe 20, 2022 …
They are not just phishing, they are fishing. Throwing bait all the way to my PayPal email hoping that I will click and pay thinking it is something I actually owe.

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Got an invoice. Please block them

This company is a scam. They are billing notaries directly from their PayPal account making it look like you actually owe them money. This is deceptive and can be reported to PayPal at phishing@paypal.com. If everyone who has received such an email would report it, PayPal will be more motivated to ask the company to stop billing people who are not actually customers or have requested to be members.

Thank you for your input, I have emailed and reported them to PayPal.

I replied on the phishing@paypal.com and they have done nothing. Nationwide Notary Registry continues to send $15 invoice.

I just watched a YouTube video that names this agency as their top 5. After reading the comments, I think I’ll pass!

Can I ask what YouTube Video you watched? Thanks! :grinning:

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I am going to Block them, thanks everyone!

Sure! Top 5 Loan Signing Agencies in 5 Minutes! - YouTube

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