WARNING: Nationwide Notary Registry is at it again!

Got an email that reads “TIME SENSITIVE: IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED!” In the subject line. It goes on:

"Dear notary public.

You are cordially invited to join Nationwide Notary Registry - a national Notary Directory designed to help you find new clients in your state and nationwide."

These guys are the same scam, right?

Not to be confused with Nationwide Signing Service. I work with them a lot and they give me great orders and good pay. Different from Nationwide Notary Registry.


Marked as spam long time ago by me.

@john7 FYI: I’ve performed a cursory Search via the GOLDMINE found within the Notary Cafe Database for other enlightening threads on this business entity. When you research these threads (see the direct url links below), you may glean some germane & helpful data.

You can locate the ever-elusive/nearly invisible Magnifying Glass to perform a Search of the database in the image below:


You may find the information within these threads helpful:


Bobby, I’m getting back into the notary services… Can i send you an email. Just have some questions on services you like.

The signing services that are honorable and treat me well are my secret. Why? Because it is so competitive out there that I cannot afford to give away my cashflow providers for fear that other notaries will horn in on me. Selfish? No. Prudent, For sure.
My advice is to apply the good advice for picking your signing services offered on this forum and check them out before you do any work for them. Make some phone calls if you have to. Keep good notes and stay on top of increasingly stale payments. Build relationships and always do good work. Admit your mistakes, correct them and take your hits when you have to.


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