Hello Everyone!
I’m curious to know if any Signing Agents/Notaries are interested in offering mentorships located here on the Treasure Coast, in Florida. It would be amazing for me as a rookie in the industry to have the opportunity to shadow an experienced Signing Agent/Remote Notary to observe the process in person. That would also help reduce the room for error and build team camaraderie in the industry locally. Or are there such groups available, and if so, would anyone be able to direct me on how I can contact someone?

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@tatjana Hmmm . . .

Did you research the Notary Cafe database? It’s a GOLDMINE of insightful data!

Here is a list of threads about your topic with 41 separate threads:


Please definitely focus on general notary work and develop a solid following of clients. It will help you further anchor the notarial regulations into your memory. At that point, further develop your business with multiple streams of income across various services.


There is MUCH to unpack from your OP . . . it would definitely be a violation of privacy, etc. to “shadow” another Professional Signing Agent [PSA] while they work with their own clients.

Beginning & maintaining a business as a Signing Agent isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon!

As you already are cognizant, there is a very large difference between being an employee and becoming a business owner.

As a business owner, from the onset, you’re going to be pretty much flying solo; that is, unless you have a family member that is within this business sector. There are no Manuals of Desk Instructions [MDIs] as one may find as an employee nor any more experienced fellow employees there to train you.

The standards of practice that you’re seeking are to be found by being curious and seeking training & certifications on your own as a professional business owner who strives to provide professional services to your clients.

I can strongly recommend a comprehensive training program that also has an option of mentorship with a proven track record of success. I’ve successfully completed a myriad of training courses/programs through about ten different training organizations. The one that has served me the best over the years has been the Notary2Pro Training & Mentorship. I’ve successfully completed all Carol’s certifications. If you’re seeking guidance & insights that are broad-sweeping and that will steer your course appropriately covering all the topics for a successful business, it’s Carol Ray’s team at Notary2Pro hands down.

DISCLAIMER: I’ve paid the full fee for all the training I’ve successfully completed with Carol. I receive no compensation or remuneration of any kind for sharing my experience utilizing what she taught me.


My personal experience:
When I initially started performing this work, it was unequivocally clear and painfully obvious that if I wanted valid, trustworthy training that I’d need to find a professional training program. The existing business owners explicitly stated that they saw others as the competition.

At that juncture, I successfully completed MULTIPLE training/certification programs including Notary2Pro & NNA and many others. I have extensive experience in skill sets that require certification and recurrent evaluation tests; i.e., I’ve maintained my Project Management Professional [PMP] certification for more than 20 years. So, I understand what it usually entails and the elements that should be included within a comprehensive training program.

Regarding the NNA training specifically, it’s lacking across multiple topics & categories. Many NNA “graduates” choose to take additional training courses elsewhere, because they sense they’re insufficiently prepared. Their primer has errors throughout. Their hotline is less than reliable for accurate responses.

In my experience with undergoing the multiple training programs for certified notary signing agent [CNSA] certification, hands-down without question, Carol Ray’s Notary2Pro training programs are optimum in this industry. I’ve successfully completed ALL of the multiple training/certification programs that Carol offers through her company Notary2Pro. Her programs are thorough & detailed. These also prepare the business owner to operate a business. In addition, she offers Mentoring services. I found those to be excellent & INVALUABLE when I was initially starting out in this business sector. The prices are surprisingly reasonable. :white_check_mark:

I’ve professionally compared the training/certification programs available at Notary2Pro with the others I’ve successfully completed. The ONLY training/certification program I recommend is Notary2Pro.

A list of companies that hire Notary2Pro graduates (with minimal or no experience) is provided to successful course graduates. => This list is pure GOLD! Study up, refresh your notes, & let Carol know when your initial few signings are scheduled. She is a wonderful mentor & can be on standby in case you encounter difficulties or have questions during your first few signings. She’s the Best! Her support will help you Build your Confidence in providing this service. :trophy::white_check_mark:

In addition, Notary2Pro works diligently to keep this list up-to-date regarding vetting and viability. As we all know, some reliable clients can encounter financial difficulties and that, in turn, can negatively impact CNSAs directly.

Of course, your best bet would be to visit their website at , research, and make the choices appropriate for your situation. The training programs by Carol Ray are comprehensive & thorough. :sparkles::tada::sunglasses:

P.S. I receive no compensation or remuneration of any type or kind as a result of my first-hand experiential review above.

P.P.S. As Carol has recently passed (February 2022) from our earthly plane, reach out to others on her team please. You’ll benefit greatly as a result.


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Thank you. Yes, but I was hoping that I would be able to physically shadow someone. To observe the process. If not, it’s not the end of the world. Just a thought.

As mentioned above . . .

it would definitely be a violation of privacy, etc. to “shadow” another Professional Signing Agent [PSA] while they work with their own clients.


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It’s not allowed for privacy reasons. There are different training programs that give you a virtual shadowing opportunity. I took loan signing system and they have something like that.

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@tatjana a thought. If you can find sample loan package (I seem to recall someone posting a link to one here…you’d have to do a search for it) maybe you can find a local signing agent to conduct YOUR loan signing with you … it would teach you both the process and the documents, and you could personally relate to it and ask some questions that come to mind closing your own loan (then you’d know how the borrowers feel).

If we were closer I’d be happy to do that for you


@tatjana Absolutely LOVE @LindaH-FL 's suggestion to have a PSA conduct a loan signing with You in order to experience it! You’ll learn a lot, have an opportunity to pause & query on various items for clarification, and discuss other items that will arise during the course of a Loan Signing Appointment.

Although, your best bet would be to gratefully accept @LindaH-FL 's gracious offer (above) & figure out how to make it to her region (or a Zoom call, etc.)

Here is a listing of the Loan Documents at a Glance (Thank You @Bobby-CA ! ):

I know you’ll find this information QUITE helpful!


There is a one-hour workshop on YouTube “Managing Loan Signings Like a Pro.” You may find it provides some additional insights, BUT CAUTION is advised as there are variations from the presentation within their state regulations NOT taking into consideration that there are varying regulations from state-to-state.


You may also want to invest in the purchase of a reference guide: “Loan Documents Sourcebook”


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Gotcha, that’s probably why I can’t find one. lol
Thank you.

Ok, thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.

That is a great suggestion. Thank you so so much. I will look into that.

Yes, Linde‘s suggestion was amazing. I will definitely follow through with that, and get some research done, And finding sample documents, and the YouTube video you suggested. I appreciate all the help from everyone.

Also put out in your area that you network witth that you are available to be a witness if they need one, that way you are attending the signing with permission.

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Good thought, but the witnesses are usually only present for the documents that are needing to be witnessed and then are excused (for privacy purposes).

When the topic of witnesses is discussed with the signers, they almost always openly express relief that the contents of all their documents won’t be seen by the witnesses.



Agree with cNsa5 - when I brought witnesses (even if it was my husband) they did not sit at the table with us - they were called in when time to witness then excused. The signers’ financial transaction is none of their business.


I could certainly set you up as an observer/witness for my RON sessions.

Honestly I think you could get a lot of experience but just offering free witnessing to sessions… many people end up paying platforms to find a witness for their session…

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@bricemb96 be very careful here … I would check with all involved about this invasion of privacy … an outside party to the transaction has no business knowing the signers’ business.

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Well yeah of course I’m not talking about just inviting somebody in on a session without the signers being aware and approving of the witness.

Many signings need witnesses anyhow, and many notaries pay for an open call witness. No different

Need a mentor? Refinance your house. That’s the best training money can buy.