Mortgage Connect - FKA Inspire Closing Services

Just an FYI to let you Notaries know: Mortgage Connect is now doing their notary services under the name of Inspire Closing Services. They are NOT listed in the Signing Services area of
I completed a closing for them a few days ago, and have a few more scheduled. Still, every package needs to have critical docs scanned/faxed back and they apparently fixed the issues with the website not accepting the package. They did increase their fee just a small amount, just enough to do work for them. There is still the once a month invoicing. I will let you know how the payment goes.


Their fee was too low for me they want to come down 80

To assure you, my “normal” fee is above $80. They offered my normal fee plus extra for faxbacks.
Maybe they just need someone desperately in my area, but I’m happy that they are paying my normal fee plus for faxbacks.

So was mine asked me to come below 80 wouldnt havent heard from them since in Ohio

I just had a closing within the last week, and it was still Mortgage Connect. Are you sure they’re one and the same?

Yes, When I asked if they had any references, as I had not done business with them before, they told me they were MC and then I googled them and they come up as a Sister or Subsidiary.

I just got an order from them last week to do this week. I went to add them to my system and can’t find any details on them on Notary Rotary or anywhere else. Business address? Phone? email? Zero.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
No mention of Mortgage Connect from them.
Mortgage Connect still owes me $$$ :rage:

I just did my first closing for them this month. The contact info I have is: 200 Marshall Dr. Suite 100 Moon Township, PA 15108 Phone - 877-901-1629 Fax - 844-735-3500

If you haven’t been paid from Mortgage Connect is because you have to bill them. PM if you need the document they require for billing.

Good morning, confirmed they are one and the same with Inspire Closing Service

they still use Mortgage Connect too.

I contact Mortgage Connect and was advise they are not able to assist with any payment issues concerning Inspire Closing. I have call Inspire closing service and no one is ever available to answer the phone. Left messages no response. Email their vendor payment area still no response. I am very disappointed that I have not been able to address my payment concerns with anyone. I wonder if they are still in business. Has anyone done closings for them and was paid?

Inspire is only handling the Freedom Mortgage loans is my understanding.

I have worked with Mortgage Connect for a while. You have to submit an invoice. It generally takes 45 days
on the avg for a payment sometimes less sometimes more. I have done quite a few Inspire Closings also. Payment method is the same.

I done 3 with mortgage connect over a month ago and still haven’t gotten pay, I did send my invoices.

Here’s how MC and Inspire work, if you did closing between 1-15th of month, your payment will be issued on 15th of following month, so you probably won’t receive it until 23rd. If your closing is between 15th and EOM, your payment will be issued on 30th of following month and probably will not get until 10th of the next month. Payments are issued in approx 45 days, but with mailing time, you don’t usually receive until 60 days. I’ve had late pays, but no non-pays. If you don’t get your payment within 60 days of your closing, call. If you are going to do a lot of closing for them, you will get used to their system and once the first 60 days goes by, you will get regular payments. I am not condoning their payment schedule, just explaining.

Thank you, I just didn’t know it will take this long. :slight_smile:

To confirm, Inspire Closing Services is NOT associated with Mortgage Connect. Mortgage Connect is NOT doing their notary services under the Inspire name.

For Fact, I have had several signings for Inspire Closing Services, and their client is only FREEDOM Mortgage. Inspire is a newer company (Nov. 2015) and stands alone for excellent services. I would recommend working with Inspire Closing Services.

The “facts” listed in the above thread seem to be incorrect. As a notary, I would stand behind Inspire Closing Services. Even though they request faxbacks for all files, they pay you for this consideration.

If they are not affiliated in some way, why do monthly invoices for both get mailed to the same Mortgage Connect e-mail address? Tho’ I do agree that they keep their Lenders separate.

It seems as if Inspire pays Mortgage Connect to take care of the billing, as Inspire is still getting up and running as a new company…

The issues you have are not with Inspire… If your issues are with Mortgage Connect, I would not say that Inspire is “formerly known as Mortgage Connect” as this is incorrect.

Mortgage Connect is their own company as well.