Mosiac Signings

Very low fees and will wait to send documents
Then won’t negotiate fee. Seta called me to give me an earful
No respect for Notaries and signing agents.
Paper, toner, gas, wear and tear on car, taxes, and time!

Please do not except low fees since when you add up everything, you make $5

I am sorry to hear you did not have a good experience with Mosaic Signings, perhaps yours is an isolated incident , however I must say that mine is totally different,I never had an unpleasant experience with Mosaic. in fact, they have been most respectful, even on occasions , praised my work and their fee is very reasonable and that I have always been reimbursed on a very timely fashion. I always look forwards to their assignments. Once again I am sorry about your situation. Good luck in the future. Regards.

Just say NO! There are many I will not work for. There are lists of non or late pay companies. Use it!