MV Realty Experience

Has anyone ever did a signing for MV Realty? I have completed several signings for the company and half of the signers are under the assumption that the company is offering mortgage assistance due to COVID.


Have not heard of them (no surprise as I’m out of that part of the job) but read this

WoW! :astonished: Thank you for your post & Thank You to LindaH-FL for posting the direct url link to the Action 9 report of this company & their objectives.

FYI: According to the news report, this would more than likely be ‘presented’ to the notary as GNW [not a loan signing engagement].

MY PERSPECTIVE: I’d consider this a scam & not accept this type of Signing Order.

Thank you LindaH-Fl! This is a very informative article.

Assist Pro’s. Would you be willing to contact me at my office? I would like to hear about your experiences with MV realty.

I can give you some feedback if you are interested

I have worked with MV Realty. The only complaint I have is that the contract are not fully explain to the signer or the signer doesn’t understand what they are signing. Its a 50/50, when doing a signing MV Realty and when you don’t sign you only get 1/4 to 1/2 compensation for the signing. The signing offer starts at $65.00 and you will receive signing offers from Notary 24-7, Superior Notary and Notarize Inc for the same signing.
The Reps. are friendly and willing to accommodate to your schedule since they are the contact person on the signing.

Hi AssistPros,

I have accepted about a dozen assignments from MV Realty. Unfortunately about 50% of them cancel. On 4 different occassions I was not notified of the cancellation until after documents are printed and I was in route or at the signing location. —a big waste of time and $ :unamused: I am now very leary of accepting their assignments. Beware!

I agree with Jarus, the reps are very friendly and accommodating.

Same experience here @pkillebrew that is why I no longer work with the SS that sent me those assignments. Not to mention late docs that arrive 1/2 before the scheduled time and you have to drive 20 min to only have the signer not be there. Yes, the reps are friendly but they do a very bad job in prepping the clients prior to the notary’s arrival.

This was the signing I had today where the signer canceled last minute. I also have one on Tuesday for MV (Superior Notary) and I’m seriously thinking about giving it back. I have no time for cancellations after I’ve already confirmed the appointment twice.

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Yup they have done that to me over and over again. I have blocked them on Snap Docs

That’s all I needed to know! I’m about to give it back! They don’t pay much anyway.

They are the worst SS that I have ever come across. They will have you waiting all day and then cancel. They paid $70 for thier MV Realty Contracts in AZ how much they pay there?

OMG! Thanks for informing me of this scandalous company.

Yep! I feel like the signer knew they were going to cancel when I first reached out. The signing was only for $65 11-15 pages.

Just my opinion for last minute cancelation.

  1. If I’m already on the road to the client and it got canceled. I will get my trip fee plus print fee up to 5 minutes on the road. If I’m already on the road for a half hr in. I get my full fee.
  2. If I’m at the signing table, they canceled or redrawn docs. I get full fee. If docs redrawn for same day and If I can go back, I get another full fee.
  3. If I’ve printed and have not left my office, then I will only ask for print fee plus additional print fee to be added if over 50 pages for hybrid and $20 more if over 150 pages.
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I had not left the house yet so I’m not going to bother asking for anything. I don’t feel I lost much since it was only 15 pages. I really just never want to deal with this particular SS anymore;)

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Between Jan and Feb I took 8 assignments from them. 3 was completed. 2 Cancelled last min they paid $20 for the print fee and 3 was no signs… and they pay $35… No thank you…I no longer waste my time with them.


I’m glad that paid you something! I will ask about a print fee since I did print and prep for today’s signing.


5 out of 8 cancellations is nuts! Something is definitely wrong with that. I’m sure that’s why they say “don’t go without confirmation as they do not pay a trip fee”