My 2 cents for Newbies

To avoid the hassle of chasing non-payments or slow pay signing services, I recommend that when you get a signing request from any SS whether via phone call, text, or app., you need to look up the name of the company on Notary Cafe under search first! If any mention of anything like slow pay, non-pay, and even a small complaint. Don’t even bother! Just politely say, “Thank you for thinking of me but I will have to decline at this time. Have a great day.”
I did that and it saved me from dealing with deadbeats. I closed thousands of loans without an issue. 100% paid up. Thank God. May you all have a prosperous year 2022.


@VIPnotaryCO Absolutely!

I’m also a strong advocate for utilizing the Search function on the Notary Café database, because it’s an excellent source of assistance, guidance, & money-saving suggestions!

Notary Cafe is a bountiful resource for a very reasonable price. My business has benefited greatly from Notary Cafe since the onset of my career in this business sector. :sparkles::tulip:


The problem is that you don’t have time to look a company up online while you’re on the phone with a scheduler who is pressuring you for an answer to whether you’ll take the job or not. You essentially have to make a judgment call based on the information that you have. It gets easier the longer you’ve done it, as you have a good feel for which jobs are desirable to you and which aren’t.


Or, choose to ADD the non-paying business entities to your Contact List with a coded leading identifier before the company name; i.e., “BAD” “NO!” “NP” for non-payer, etc.

When a call from their number comes in, easy to know whether to Accept or not.

NOTE: There are multiple threads within the Notary Cafe database that contain the names of those types of businesses, for example:


These days you don’t just get calls from one phone number from a company. The schedulers are working from home and they all have different numbers. There are signing services where I have 5 different phone numbers in my contact list for them, depending on who the caller is. If I’ve heard of the company, I know what their reputation is. It’s the companies that I’ve never heard of before where you’re taking a gamble.


@steves11 Hmmm . . . I see your point, Steve, about multiple numbers; however, I don’t encounter that difficulty, because I utilize a different process. :angel:

Answer the phone with AirPro buds.
When caller identifies company name, if I’m not familiar with them, I access the Contact List on my iPhone.
Gather additional information to determine if I’ve VETTED that business entity (while they provide additional signing details).
Enables a prompt ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response regarding acceptance of the Signing Order.


Hello, what signing platforms are you all using to get loan signings?

Signing Order has been good to me as a newbie. I upgraded my listing for $2.99 a month and I get daily notifications and get 90% of the business I respond to.


Okay, thank you so much for the tip. I certainly will check them out.

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Ok, my head is spinning from seeing too many posts out there about notaries not getting paid! Why are these bad companies still in business? 😵‍💫

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I think as newbies we forget sometimes to check the bad list because we are so happy when the phone beeps and we have a shot. What I have done I created a loan prep sheet that I collect the signing assignment information along with information about the signing company and the Title Company / Lender so that if I get a bad company and if I don’t get paid I know who I should report them to directly. I hope I will never have to end up going down that route but I am willing to fight for what I have earned. I know it’s an extra step in my process but it helps keep me organized and efficient.

I just upgraded mine. Hope I have the same luck :slight_smile:

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