National Paralegal & Notary Co

This compnay has set me up for a scam. They give me a job, told me have to do some training before I get paid, but make it impossible to complete the training. The module wont open (cause it’s too long to scan for virsuses) and when I contaced support, they riddiculed and lecruted my about reading the terms and conditions (which I did read). I have no probelm with the terms. I have an issue with not being able to pass the test beacuse they can’t get me all the training modules in a safe way. So they threatened my pay and they are threatneing to turn me into the secretary of state if I persue… BE WARE OF THE CON ARTISTS! THE SOS demands we keep high cyber security and downloading their unsecure training module is MORE against the law than simple, direct and firm communication.

I am so sorry that happened to you. So many scammers out there. Horrible.

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Exactly why are they going to turn you into your Secretary of State?? What type of work did you do and what happened? What basis do they have? Bet they made claims about their “representative” which were false and now they’re trying to back track and put it on you.

Not to mention, do a search here on this site for previous threads - NPN is notorious for misleading notaries. You will NOT be a paralegal when you finish their training - you’ll be a trained robot to do their crappy assignments. And they don’t pay a lot or don’t pay at all.

I’m sorry you got roped into this - don’t let them intimidate you - get your money then re-think whether you want to work with them or not.



We came to a resolution, so i want to publically say that I will get paid, however they wont work with me again, which is fine by me. I think whats happening is their new notaries download the video without scanning for viruses. Which is a huge problem. I hope that address their cyber security of their notaries ad i suggested. Moreover, i hope next time someone has an issue with a problem, they will just help instead tossing around threats.


So you do the job first and then they require you to take training in order to get paid for that job? Wow!!! Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? I have to say I am very fortunate that they don’t call me.

They have threatened to report you to SOS, would you ever work with them again?

If they develop a study system that can be scanned for viruses …I’d consider it. But with thecomments Im getting here… I dont think I’d touch them with a 10ft pole.


they said I was being unprofessional and that notaries should act more appropreate: my version is the opposite of course. Luckily I have all correspondence so I’m not worried about that part. I just regret the person in charge not listening to my very first message. A lot of unpleasantry could have been avoided. IIt was a debt resolution package, which starts off by disclaiming that I am their representive (which I quickly added to at the table saying I am simply a disinterestd 3rd party) but I am reuired to read a speech and give a presentation (paper slides) and get their initails on each page. There was one notarization total.

Thank you for your reply and I will look into the other posts as you said they are notorious. Bout time they deal with consiquesnces. :slight_smile:

Im not suprised you have heard of them before now. I am not easily intimidated as I know our SOS would applaud my efforts in keeping my comuter and vital information secure, over my non-crass language violation :slight_smile: I was professional for the first few emails and it was when I was being denied my pay, that I got serious, still non-crass.

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OK, this is weird! I have done several assignments for this company and have never been asked to take any training in order to get paid. They are reaching out for your services under the assumption you already know what you have to do as a “CERTIFIED” NSA. They want to give you “extra” training, that’s fine, but to hold your payment hostage after the fact is illegal (quid pro quo). In addition, I am not aware of any SOS regulating vendor specific (in-house) training. They do address general IT/cyber guidelines for ALL functions you do as a notary electronically (the basics). I don’t care if they call Ghostbusters! Pay me and kick rocks! Get your money girl and keep it moving. Too many fish in the sea for this BS!

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