Never working with national paralegal and notarycever again

Absolute worst notary/signing service company to work for. I did 3 signings for them early December…it is now March 5th and I’ve yet to receive my payments from them. And this is after me calling and emailing them 2-3 times a week asking for an update. When I finally got in contact with them on February 15th, they stated that they orginally had only 2 signings that i did and not 3. I emailed them screenshots and proof that it was 3 and ive yet to receive any sort of payment. They stated that they sent out the payment to me February 2nd, but they would cancel it and issue out another check. A week later, still didnt get my payments. They assured that the payments were sent out. I gave it another week…nothing.

I called and email numerous times today (March 5th) to express my fustration and demanded that they send me the payments that are due to me…and that it is unheard of that a signing service would take over 2 months to send out payments to notaries that do their signings and work for them. She then says that it’s unheard of on their end that they send multiple checks to someone, verify the address and the person doesnt receive them and them having to keep reissuing and resending. IF YOU DID IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME, I WOULDN’T BE EMAILING YOU FOR 2 MONTHS…

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@jajohn Thank you for sharing your direct experience with this business entity. It’s unfortunate that this company, which also is AKA “NPN” is continuing it’s longtime non-payment of professional signing agents [PSAs] & notaries across the US.

I performed a cursory Search on your behalf of this business entity and there are 20 separate threads since OCTOBER 2017 with nearly ALL of the threads identifying WARNINGS/ALERTS/NON-PAYMENT, etc.

The following direct url identifies those separate threads:

It may be worth your while to Research within these threads to locate information regarding how other PSAs may have successfully received payment.

Here are a few methods that prove successful:

Notify the Title Company associated with the Signing Order

Following the Step-By-Step Guide enumerated within the following post:


The Search function is being identified to be of assistance to you as this business entity has been highlighted since OCTOBER 2017 to be unreliable regarding payment. :white_check_mark: Performing a Search provides you with an opportunity to further enhance your business acumen & skill set (speaking proverbially). By guiding you to the Search Function, it “teaches you how to fish;” instead of giving you a fish . . . Be your own guru!

A Search of the Notary Café database (upper right/magnifying glass) will usually be quicker than waiting for someone to reply. To assist you in finding trustworthy clients, utilize the following Key Word(s) “Best Companies” in the Search field query box.

There is a PLETHORA of immediately available info there for you.

Also, I recommend you researching the “Bad Companies” in the Search field query box as well.

Accessing the database to locate info about potential clients has saved many of us an inordinate amount of time ‘chasing’ payments for Services professionally provided to potential non-payers . . . :crown:



Having worked closely with the legal profession, contact the law firm about your payment. Make the first contact gentle and professional. Slowly escalate if no payment is received, letting the Law Firm know you intend to notify their State Bar association. Keep in mind Lawyers tend to chat among themselves, so this may be the last engagement you’ll get from any local law firm.

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They have a reputation for being pond scum. They also work with legal groups that pond scum. Good luck. Live and learn.


Very sorry you encountered this issue. How frustrating. Thank you for sharing.
I posted my frustration and asked for advice with a signing company and 2 notaries had similar experiences but 3 notaries did not. One of them I guess thought it would be really clever to share my post (took a snapshot) and sent it to the signing company. Can you imagine? So be cautious when sharing because these forums are NOT safe places to share. :frowning:

Hi Amy ~ yes should be cautious when posting on any forum, etc. Throwing caution to the wind here and stating “pond scum”. Living dangerously. :upside_down_face:

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Never posting for advice or my experiences again since some notaries feel they can throw other notaries under the bus. Such low life.
Karma has way though….:wink:

@amydawn22 please don’t feel that way. We are not all like that and we are here to help. We just try to explain scenarios that lead to your nonpayment issues. Sometimes there’s more than meets the eye.

As for copying your post and reporting to the SC - yeah, that’s just a low blow. Not their job or their business.

Please feel free to post for advice and relate your experiences…there IS a button for flagging posts that are abusive or insulting - it can be your best friend - and Admin here is very attentive to these issues.

Best of luck

@amydawn22 Very sad to read about your direct experience & then the ‘saboteur’ activity to top it off. :triumph: Truly unprofessional for someone to take that type of action.

I concur :100: percent with @LindaH-FL 's perspective. Please know that this forum is “public;” i.e., when a Google Search is performed, the matching data from this forum will display publicly in those results.

So, please do feel free to post for advice, search, share your experiences! This is how we endeavor to ensure that others aren’t ‘snared’ into the trap as well . . . We donate our time & contributions to the forum; well, that is most of us do - there are a few who advertise on the forum and they insert re-direct url links to other websites. Normally, those are promptly removed.

If you’re a bit concerned about ‘saboteur’ type of activity occurring once again, just send a Direct Message [DM] to the Administrative Notary Cafe team OR to someone who you believe to be a trusted member of the forum.

Also, definitively utilize the tool to flag posts. The guidelines are available for review. It certainly keeps a Welcoming/Friendly atmosphere on the Notary Cafe forum, Amy. :partying_face:


Please take comments with a grain of salt. People are not trying to “throw you under the bus”. Like any other social media platform you can choose to accept or reject what is posted. Turn a negative into a positive. Old school of hard knocks. Endure and you will succeed. Good luck.

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That company is notorious for burning notaries. Sadly they keep getting away with it.

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I just don’t understand. I have actually worked with NPN for the past 4 years and have always been paid, but now I am owed $375 since January for work done for a company called Sandstone Law Firm debt settlement. I have not been paid for any of these jobs, for non payment from Sandstone to NPN. However, the contract with NPN that I signed does not mention not getting paid if their company the contracted them does not pay them so technically I am still owed money. It is very unfortunate. I will not work for them again. I actually just left a better Business bureau review directly for Sandstone Law Firm for any notaries that are looking to see if they want to do work for that company. I actually reached out to try to talk to Sandstone Law Firm for any verification by a phone and email and no return response.

See this thread and the reply from someone who claims to have worked with them - wonder if this is the same law firm

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