New Signing Company

Has anyone done work for The Closer LLC? I have an assignment for them tomorrow. Looked through here if I saw any comments for them, but didn’t see any. Hope they are reputable.

There are numerous threads about this company posted here and no, they are not new. Suggest another search, but do not use the LLC when searching

@debbrayost There are 29 threads for this business entity.

I performed a cursory Search for you of the GOLDMINE found within the Notary Cafe database. Here is a direct url link to the Notary Cafe Search Results:


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I did three signings for them in 2020. Nothing since.

I work for them all the time and have for years. Pay’s me decent and about average time to get check in the mail.

Good company but always scan backs

I’ve done a ton of work for them with no issues with good pay and timely payment.