New Volume Opportunity from The Closer, LLC and Incenter

Has anyone received an email from the Closer LL with this opportunity?

For a trained PDR/PDC inspector!

I have tried to contact the different companies and no one seems to know anything about this.
Just trying to verify

Thank you

Just a guess: Incenter does Appraisals; both expensive in person by credentialed Appraiser AND remotely. The remote is probably much cheaper, but not very accurate. So, lhey’ll pay some notary a pittance to take a LOT of pictures and upload them for the sake of ‘current reality’.
Was a time that inspection work, while low-paying, was still profitable enough if close enough. However, as time went on, pay went down & I quit doing 'em probably10 years ago. I think I remember seeing this offer, but as they didn’t say what they paid (red flag), I just deleted it.


I received this offer. I took the training and am waiting to see if they call me to do an inspection. It does sound like a lot of work but maybe it’s not. If I can do it in under an hour I will likely continue to do it. The pay they quoted me is $100 per inspection. And the training is $25 which you don’t have to pay until they give you your first assignment. They will deduct the $25 from your first check. That is supposedly the only fee involved.

I figure if I can do at least 3 a day that wouldn’t be too bad. We will see…

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You have to PAY for the training? Oh, no, no, no. Let us know how this goes for you & hope you’re in a densely populated area. Good luck–hope you found a lucrative niche.


What is a PDR?


A PDR is a property data report. The PDR is part of a new offering that allows lenders to originate some loans without a full appraisal. Additional property information is physically collected on site by trained data collectors using the proprietary Freddie Mac PDR dataset, in lieu of an appraisal.

you’re essentially doing a light appraisal. First American title is doing these, there is not enough $ to be made vs. the time it take to do. Loan signings are much easier to do for that same money or more.

Appraisers must just love this new idea - they get $300+ at the door (paid POC by borrower) for a quickie appraisal - this is going to cut into their business model something fierce.

I received the same email and plan to sign up as well. Even if it takes 2 hours total, at $100 an inspection, $50 an hour is awesome!

I have done inspections for Metro Inspections for the past 4 years and they only pay $30-35. If it’s close to my house I take them. I can leave and be back home in less than 60 mins. And I don’t complain. $50 an hour is awesome but I’m pretty happy with $30 also!

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@letdidoit19 Yes, $50/hour WOULD be great IF that was the net amount for your time expended.

Please remember that there are many overhead expense items that are deducted for your out-of-pocket expenses before you can calculate your TRUE per hour rate; i.e., gasoline, turnpike/ferry fees, equipment to provide the services, vehicle insurance, business insurance, certifications/training (if required), state license fees (if required), federal income taxes, state income taxes (if required), vehicle maintenance, etc.

After deducting your out-of-pocket expenses for services provided at each appointment & your other overhead expenses, then look at the REMAINDER $ amount to see what you’re truly making for an hourly rate.

This work isn’t like a JOB, because nearly every single expense comes out of your pocket, not the employers’ pocket if you were working a job . . .


Thank you for your input. I fully understand the cost of doing business. It is just easier for me to think of payment per hour, knowing full well the expenses involved. There is no way in this recession I could get a part time job at more than $15 an hour. And that would still involve expenses and taxes being taken out. So even if my $50 per hour is only $40, for me it’s still a win! :slight_smile:

. . . are much LESS while working a JOB as compared to the taxes paid as a business owner (ask any CPA for further clarification).

Fairly certain you’re probably cognizant of this as well, but there are many who read the forums & gather information/learn from threads/posts upon which they base their decisions & future actions.

It’s always germane & helpful to state the presumed/assumed portions to ensure no one is mislead inadvertently. :owl::crown:


Hi I signed up and it did not prompt me to pay a fee. I have five jobs in que paying $15.00 each. Is there another link you used? If so, can you share?

$15 each??? Jeez Louise!! It’s not worth starting your vehicle…good grief!!

My understanding is you do not pay anything. It is taken out of the 1st job you receive.

Also, the email I received stated the pay was $100 per order… This may be something different than what I received the information on. $15 does not sound like enough to do all the work they stated in the description

How did this work out for you? Have you received any jobs? I haven’t heard anything after completing the training

Hi guys, I need a date on these companies in Inspections. Thank you.

Hi, did they ever send you PDR jobs with a higher fee? I finally did the course and signed up with Nationwide. Waiting on a reply back.