No Assignments

Hello, has anyone not received any assignments from lender/title companies… it seems to have halted. I’m fairly new Notary and have not got any requests. - I’m on Notary site , Snapdocs, and this site - what am I doing wrong or is it just slow?

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@Natistianotarystamp Great question, but this has been asked A LOT lately.

As with most businesses that are starting out, it’s a SLOW process.

In general, most do find building a business within this business sector to be a MARATHON, not a sprint.

Well, that is unless you live in a region that isn’t already saturated with Trained, Certified, & experienced Notary Signing Agents [NSAs] who are also seeking out Signing Orders OR if you have a family member who works at a Title/Escrow Company [T/EC]. :wink: In those scenarios (and a few others), you may find it to be a BREEZE!

As a fellow business owner, I’d like to offer an opportunity to further enhance your business acumen & skill set (speaking proverbially) by "teaching you how to fish;" instead of giving you a fish . . .

The Search function is being identified to be of assistance to you. :angel:

Each of us contributes our time-proven experience & expertise. We are very busy business owners; either working with clients OR marketing/developing our business. => Our contributions/answers are provided on a voluntary basis and are offered to be of assistance & provide insight to others in this business sector.

It’s so important for each member to endeavor to perform due diligence prior to requesting the valuable time of other business owners.

Searching the Notary Café database for the answer (that’s more than likely already present) prior to creating a new thread or post is being considerate, thoughtful, & respectful of other members. Saves everyone time & prevents consternation. :sparkles:


You can run a Search (upper right/magnifying glass) as it will usually be quicker than waiting for someone to reply.

Here are the results I found for you by typing “slow” in the Search field. This page is replete with threads packed with information on how to proceed in your scenario:

This one appears to be quite insightful:


You may also find quite a bit of helpful information within this thread, too:


Did you update your credentials for 2022? They will not send you orders in most cases if they’re expired.

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Sadly, the market is over-saturated right now, so offers are few and far between - and when they do pop up, they are being snagged very quickly. I recommend going to Notary Rotary and signing up with every signing service on there. The more companies you are signed up with, the more work you will get. Good luck!


Keep on working and educating yourself while you wait. I’m also new (7months) and also I’m only part time. It gets slow but then picks up! For example I started this month with only 1 signing, got nothing last week because most weee at times I couldn’t take. As of yesterday I’m booked until Wednesday! I used the down time to sign up with other signing services, attend online training sessions and became RON certified. I’m wishing you the best!!


Where did they all go?

I can just imagine someone so desperate for a job they take 0.01 seconds to get the signing, that’s pretty sad to live like that. The market is over saturated but I can say that about everything, too many people.

Apply for more companies. Not everyone uses Snapdocs. There’s over 400

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Jan - March are usually slow due to income taxes due and now we are faced with an interest rate increase and that may slow some down but at even 4% a refi is doable.

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Speaking of Snapdocs, I don’t know what to do. One of my biggest clients is moving to Snapdocs, they still want to use me but I’m not on Snapdocs. They like the snapdocs streamline portal. So this means I may have to crawl on my knees and join them. Snapdocs is definitely a giant that you can’t escape from:( :thinking:

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Can’t you tell them that they can’t use snap docs because your not ok with it?

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Snap Docs banned me three years ago and literally destroyed my business! They said my “phone was comprised and with their high ethical standards I was taken off their activation list” per “Nina”. What happened was my phone dropped in the pouring rain and I had to get a new phone and new signs ups on everything (PITA as we all know) and they took that as a compromise! So UNFAIR. Every year, as this year last week even, I write to them and NINA still says I’m under deactivation! I’ve never had any complaints, have closed over 7800 loans, a Real Estate Broker in 5 states, a RON, credit score 850 so I say
WTH… I feel I’m being singled out…just not fair. since I’m still in the business and had 2 phones since then!!!

Snap Docs banned me three years ago…said my phone was compromised and due to their “ethical standards” I was deactivated. I have written to “NINA” three years now and she still won’t budge. The t ruth was my phone dropped in the pouring rain and I had to get a new one which meant new setups (which we all just "love"to do) and she felt that that was the “compromise”. I wrote last week and I’m “under consideration” and I know she’ll tell me no as she hasn’t responded. I’ve closed 7800 loans, RE Broker in 5 states, RON, no complaints, 850 credit score (throw that one in too) and still no go. They (NINA) is just not fair and I feel I’ve been singled out. Lost a lot of business cause of them. Very disappointing.

I’m sorry, but your real estate business should be good enough on its own right? Why do NSA if your making a lot of money in real estate?

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They said they can just do it outside of Snapdocs!

Why is she real estate trying to do NSA?

Actually I am not practicing Real Estate here I have my license as I have six rentals and keep it current for those purposes…selling…1031 tax deferred exchange. AND, I’m “older” and retired and like being on my own and in control of my business without working with other agents, showing properties etc.

I started out with Snap Docs when I first launched. Several of my clients have since moved to Snap Docs, where I now get their assignments. This has worked out well for me, as my clients didn’t reduce their fees. So far, so good.

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You were going to do it for $62, am I understanding that right?