No signing in the last several months

Good morning all. I am a signing agent and have been struggling to get one signing in several months. I have an account with Snapdoc, NotaryRotary, and few others. NotaryGo often sends me signing availability but when I click on Yes, I am Available, I get a message that I don’t have all the required qualifications to accept signing a cash out documents. Is there anything I am doing wrong or do anyone have an idea what next I need to do? It’s been almost a year that I have been trying and I am getting frustrated at this time.
I am in Desoto Texas. Thank you all.


Apparently, these cash out signings are for Home Equity loans–which MUST be signed IN either a lawyer’s office or title co. I have heard that IF (big if) you can find either of these who will allow you to ‘rent space’ for a fee (I’ve heard it’s $50–which you must pay and then add to your fee), you’re good to go on these.


Yep - cash out loans in TX need to be done in a “brick & mortar” business - title company, attorney office, bank, etc. Reach out to some local title companies and attorneys and see what they would charge you to “rent” an office space/conference room for the signing - then you know what you’re facing when quoting a fee.

Good Luck

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