No snapdocs notifications

I’m snapdocs verified but have received zero notification texts? I checked all settings and it looks good… what could be wrong? I live in a big city lots of new developments


How much competition is in your area?

I lived in CA and have not received lot of notification texts also. Maybe 1 text in a week or 2 and that’s about it.

Florida here- I used to get two per day and it’s been crickets on SnapDocs.

Same here. Haven’t had a Snapdoc in about 2 months.

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I am in a busy town and I have been getting notifications but very few of them lately. I thought it was odd how slow they are coming in. I wonder what is up.

I’m wondering if those that are still using Snapdocs are having trouble with their website? I was occasionally getting a closing from them, before Covid shut off my business. So have not used them in a long time and tried to update my information. I could not get into my account, even though I do still have an account…tried multiple ways including calling. Their vm says they offer no support for notaries! Wow. I thought they needed us?? Maybe not such a good idea to be on there at all?

I’ve been Snapdocd verified for awhile now and have only received one notification ever. I’m in South Florida.

I’m in Nashville, TN and have been fully verified for a month now. I even took the optional quiz and got a 100%. When I emailed them about it, they just said “it’s the slow season” which I believe to be a lie since the Nashville housing market is hot, hot, HOT right now. So far, they’ve proved completely useless after making me jump through all those hoops to be “verified.”

I have been “verified” on Snapdocs for about a week, but was set up in their system for a couple of weeks before, just couldn’t get the system to accept my ID for a little while. The funny thing is, before I was even verified I got a notification. Nothing at all now.

Covid shut down your business? here was the opposite for me it went twofold, and I have Snapdocs for a long time but I do not use them very often.

Hi Guys, is it normal as a newbie to get multiple notifications (which I accepted) but was not assigned any as yet …

I could have kept working last year, but I didn’t want to chance it until I was vaccinated. Now I am back at it.

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Hey, I have been snap docs verified for a little less than a year now. I received multiple notifications a week from them at first, but I have only gotten maybe 1 or 2 every two weeks for the last three months. Hope this helps

I finally got my account on Snapdocs straigtened out but now nothing is coming from them?

Hello, I have done everything they have asked. I signed up with them in Mar/April. In the beginning, I received one or two notification a day but, was never selected. For the months of June & July, I have not received any notification.

I used to get 5 -6 notifications a day and now nothing.

It is not you, all signing companies and the vendors that contract from are all slow and it should pick back up in the next few months
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