Hello Everyone,
I wanted to give you an update on my experience with Kelly’s Mobile Notary. Tuesday 9/27/22 I received a check from them in the amount of $100, $90 for the job and $10 late fee(per the notes). I did not want to conduct a Mobile deposit, because I feared there would be issues. Next day, I presented the check to Chase to be cashed, not deposited because I still don’t trust that it’s a good check! After what seemed like forever, the teller came back to the window with check in hand and a disappointed look on his face. He apologized but said he couldn’t cash the check! I asked why, and he said he couldn’t share that information. I asked if the check was good yes or no, and he said unfortunately NO!! I was so embarrassed, and he was too because he wouldn’t stop apologizing. I thanked him and assured him he had no worries. I called that company from the bank parking lot and when Valerie finally answered I let her have it. I told her that my attorney was in court, but he would definitely contact them later that day! She apologized and said something about getting with accounting and calling me back. She texted me instead, asking if I had Zelle or Cash App!! I reluctantly gave her my cash app information. She texted again that I should void the check and send her a picture of the check. I did that, and received a payment of $90!! When I asked what happened to the late fee, I got another $10. Since I wanted my money immediately, I ended up with $97. I immediately blocked all of their phone numbers from calling me ever again!!! Cash App?! :woman_facepalming:t5: I’m glad it’s over, I just wanted to update you all, good riddance!!


Thank you for the resolution update. It is good that you finally got paid but what an unnecessary headache. You were wise to bring the check in person to the bank, rather than attempting mobile deposit. Your intuition was correct!

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Kelly’s is about to go Under. Wow
Great info. I don’t sign for them, never have, never will.

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