NON-PAYMENT: Nema online

Hi. I read that Nema online service has not paid some agents. I did a signing for this company and it has been 90 + days now. No payment received yet .
I failed to ask this signing company what they’re net payment is only because it was through signing order so with my experience with signing order who pays on time. I did the signing for Nema. After the fact I see these posts and said to myself oh no … My question to anyone who has did a signing for this company after 90 days or more. Have you still not received payment?

@arkitalsa Hi. Yes, I have an outstanding invoice, now 184 days. They are not answering my calls or emails. The last I heard was they were holding back funds, due to a notary who committed fraud. Does this make any sense? Nope! I have cut my losses, but do not recommend doing anything for this company.

I did four signings for them (at that time, payment terms were Net 60) and had to hound them constantly for payment. I even received a check that bounced but the CEO ended up paying me through Zelle so they no longer owe me, thank goodness! I ended up getting paid in November for signings I did in April.

They sent out an email a couple of months ago and said they were closing and to contact their lawyers if you are still due a payment so I don’t know how long you will have to wait now.

Please can you share the number you called? i have been. trying to reach them forever, I did about 5 signings for them of which I never received payment for.

Thank you