Notary Act E Journalling

Hi. I am from Texas. I just wondered if anyone is using Notary Act as an online journal. Before any of you start shouting–It is developed by an attorney and seems to be as safe and secure as a portal could be.

Also, if you are a RON using several platforms, Do you keep one E journal, or are your journal records kept at the respective platforms?

My humble thanks.

You pays your money and takes your chances. The NNA had the same thing with ENJOA. Think it lasted about 3 years when they stopped supporting the program. Who do you think would stick around longer…an attorney or the NNA?

I was hoping to hear from you:-)

E-journaling is one thing and I’m not sure how secure that is (but that’s me, I don’t trust the cloud…lol)

As for your RON journaling - refer to your specific state laws as your RON service provider should be providing the journaling and video storage capability in their services to you as RON-commissioned notary.