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I signed up and paid for the Notary Pro membership with the expectation that I would receive a few signings. I have not received anything. I would think that I shouldn’t have to pay to receive work. Has anyone been successful?


@belinda.smith FYI: The Signing Orders don’t originate from Notary Cafe. The function of your Listing is for your services to be displayed within a Notary Public Directory. This Listing would be similar to a Yellow Pages ad listing those business owners available to provide professional services.

Also, wondering if you’ve had a few minutes to review the 3 threads I sent directly to you on 15MAY23 . . .


Here are three additional threads that you may find insightful:


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2 months and 3 days (March vs. May)

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Well, Mark, you WERE a bit off. She has been listed for more than three days. I mean, be fair


You might try to “un-delete” your post, since it contained more constructive advice to the OP than the last two you posted…just a thought.

I’m just going to step away from this thread because someone, obviously, is having a bad weekend.

Well, you’re in 1 of the 3 best Directories available. This is the slowest time I’ve seen in 25 years and I don’t expect it to pick up any time soon. I’d suggest going after General Notary Work by getting listed on every FREE site you can find: Bing, Yelp, Yellowpages…like that. You won’t get rich, but you’ll be paid same day. It all adds up.


It become obvious you’re a obsessing over my posts. I’m concerned if I were the undelete/repost my first reply this would serve to increase your anxiety further. To further reduce your anxiety I’ve deleted all of my posts in this string.

I feel the same way. Im going to cancel my pro. This month coming up

I understand that being a notary signing agent is a “slow hustle”, and nothing in life is free. There are other sites that also request a fee to improve visibility. I’m just not sure who or how many users access this site regularly. The forum is very informative and I enjoy reading the notary responses. I was hoping to hear from others how much business they have gotten by paying for the pro membership.

@belinda.smith Hmmm . . . I concur :100: percent with @Arichter as noted above: “you’re in 1 of the 3 best Directories available. This is the slowest time I’ve seen in 25 years” as well as with the other insights/guidance that she has generously provided.

When I joined Notary Cafe (quite a number of years ago), I joined at the Pro level for the benefits (see listing below):

It’s clear that Notary Cafe doesn’t send Signing Orders to members; only that potential clients/Title/Escrow/Lenders, etc. utilized this Directory as a reliable source for seeking Professional Signing Agents [PSAs]. At the time I thought that $3/month (if paid on an annual basis) was quite reasonable for a listing, especially when I compared it to the cost with fees of other directories.

For me, the Pro membership has been worth it, because I value the features/benefits of the Pro membership.

I do hope that others will chime in & provide you with their insights as well!


Luckily I was informed that the majority of services which require money up front are scams. Sad lesson to learn when starting out and hoping for business.

I appreciate the clarification and comments. It certainly helps me to make informed decisions. Although the market is slow, it appears that most closings are being completed by a company that is working directly with the title/escrow/etc. companies. The closings appear to be first-come-first-serve via text or e-mail. The forum is very informative, it would probably be more beneficial to me if there was a list of companies that use notaries as signing agents and they are looking to expand their pool of potential vendors.

I doubt ANY hiring party is looking to expand the pool. Right now, it’s too many bodies and not enough water.

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Starting a business requires hard work and patience. Paying for a pro membership is just part of the marketing process. Sign up with at least 100 companies/signing services. Get experience doing GNW so you can add to your bio. Put yourself on every marketing platform.123Notary, Notary Rotary,, are some. You have to invest time and money to get your business up and running. Good luck

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This site plus above mentioned ones are MUSTS. Ignore all others.

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Thank you. I will continue to sign up.

Thank you. I have been signing up for all the companies/signing services that I can find.

Your spot on! If you pay for it, your now the customer… Build your own successful business. I do. You can to.

Same here. I haven’t received one signing from them.

You may have gotten clients from this site and just didn’t realize it. Notary Cafe is NOT a platform. The companies that use NC seem to pay better, more fairly, than any platform-user does. PSA: It’s just the slowest market it’s ever been. And there are way more notaries thanks to 6 figure guy, CNN & XYZ promoting it as they’re struggling, too. OK, CNN is not struggling…they’re just reporting very old news.