NotaryGo- STC Problems

So I get a call about a text message about an assignment from NotaryGo.
The only information I get about the assignment is “Sign Only” and they charge $40.

I assume it’s a debt settlement but it’s 30 minutes away so I ask for 60.

They eventually accept my offer then it turns out the assignment was a 132 page refi!

This lack of transparency is unacceptable! I managed to get a slight boost to $70 at most but from now on I’ll be far more leery of NotaryGo.


The games being played by some who text are…downright disgusting. Any refi is worth at least $100. I truly believe that when they play these ‘word games’, a notary is totally justified in bailing, even at the last minute. C’mon, hiring party, a refi is a refi and not ‘sign only’. Stop with the games!


I have refused all Notary-Go signings because with the low fees they pay it would be working almost for free while making them money.


I’m usually NOT AVAILABLE for anything from NotaryGO!..

I’ve personally never worked with Notary Go becuase I have yet to see a request come through from them with a decent fee.

Assume nothing. And don’t feel that you HAVE to complete an assignment once you get more information about what the assignment it. Once you found out that it was a 132-page refi you should have told them that you needed your fee increased to $XXX or you would not be able to complete the assignment, no matter what the time period before the scheduled signing time. I agree with Arichter, and I personally do not care if a low ball company is upset if I bail on a signing because they did not give me proper information to start with.

Signing companies play these games because some notaries allow them to. If they consistently get put in a bad spot because notaries bail once the true information out the signing is revealed they will stop with the vague text message requests and give accurate info from the start.

Totally agree, klewis. If the majority of notaries would bail after getting ALL the needed info, we’d start seeing better offers.

I received an email from them with that same information.

I am curious about the companies you work for who pay at least $100 for a refi. Can you list them for us? At the most, these days, I see $85 and I will not go lower than that. Total slap in the face from these low ball companies. And, for long as these signing companies continue to negotiate such low fees, these ridiculous rates will continue. Some sort of standardized fee structure really needs to be created and enforced.

Basically, all of 'em. They either meet my fee or move on. I do have an advantage that many don’t. Not a lot of NSAs in these parts. Still…if everyone turned down low offers, they would have no choice but to increase the fee. Easier said than done.

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I blocked them on my phone. Their fees are insulting!!