Has anyone heard of them they want a fee to be listed in their guide? I get tired of paying fees to services that do not provide anything!

Nope. Stick to the ‘known’ directories. Way too many out there who provide no ROI.

Agree after 8 years most take your money and provide nothing!

Before signing up with any of these services, check them out by coming here and asking. There are only two or three listing sites that are worth spending your hard earned money, and those sites don’t send you an email everyday begging you to sign up with them and pay for a listing. You can also go into the site (if possible) to see how many notaries are listed in your state. Usually I only see a few names or none at all. Title and Signing Services aren’t going to use those sites. Unfortunately, I haven’t received any new business from this site in quite some time, but there are still some companies that use their wonderful platform for loan signings and those companies haven’t lowered their fees like those who use Snapdocs.