Please Beware My Notary Friends! Fraud Janaka Marie Dickinson


There is such a person who lives in Tampa, FL, but I’m sure she’s packing it up right now to outrun Ian.

Good catch!

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I got it too. Scam of some sort.

The language in this indicates someone who’s not well versed in Business. If they don’t have at a minimum a basic website or traceable address/location, avoid them entirely.

Pretty basic phishing scam. Might even be a virus in there. Go with your gut and erase these. If they are legit, they will probably call you and you can get ALL the info you need.

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I received this also I delete immediately. I wouldn’t dare try and open.

It’s at least a scam, but it could also be some type of virus. Good plan to follow, if you’ve never talked to anyone from this company and are not expecting documents, then delete it. Never download anything. You could be downloading a virus or even Ransom Ware. Whenever you receive a general email or text about a job but there is no information about the job other then “it’s in your area or county”, delete that also. When business slows down, these scams seem to increase.

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Haven’t heard of this…yet …ty for heads up

(MD) Yes I received this as well after accepting. I kindly replied that I would not download anything that was not on a website that I was not familiar with. I asked if they could send the documents in a pdf. I got no response.

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