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Have I been the only one with this problem? … So you get a PDF, you Page Separate the Docs into Legal and Letter, you start to print and the printer stops and asks you to insert (manually) the next blank and that the printing goes on …
Can someone explain how this works on the other side, meaning the Title company? They print their Docs and transfer them to PDF … what else happens? Sometime (a few times only) my ENTIRE signing was Legal papers, The norm is a mix and match. How do THEY (the Title Co) program the Docs so that we can print them correctly.
Anyone else has any input? This is by no means hampering the operation, just curious what’s happening on the lender/Title Co side.

I don’t know much the complexities of printers and various print jobs…enough to do my job but pretty much feel like I’m a Flintstone in a Jetson world.

It DOES seem that those last minute docs are sometimes scanned and are in a very sloooooow-to-print format. My printer usually prints 25-30 pages per minute but I had very late set early this week that took an hour and 20 minutes to print 2 sets of 138 pages. Late and the slowest set ever. I was about ready for a straight jacket. Fortunately, the signers were patient and had their first attempted closing 2 weeks previously called off by the notary because she also had late docs, etc. problems and couldn’t change her schedule, so they didn’t want another failed attempt. Those super-slow print jobs have happened in maybe 1 set out of 50. But have always been in late docs.

With all the extra prep I put into docs (lots of sticky notes with instructions…) so they can be signed from at least 6 feet away, usually in a dark garage or outside in the weather (twice snow in the past week) I need a minimum of 3 hours before signing to have docs available, and that’s assuming that I’ll be home and not at another signing.

Well, this has been my work around and quite successful at that. I tend to use a Mac and it does not always like to page separate, so I have found this webpage :
It is very easy to use and it will allow you to print the letter and the legal pages and and give you the sort order, so if you want them in sort order you can reassemble the package after printing the pages. I hope this works for you.

I don’t use page separator, but I think sometimes it just comes down to human error. Some lenders/title agents get in a hurry and accidentally format their PDF docs incorrectly. I have received loan packages where if I print the documents exactly as instructed, the shipping label address would be cut off. I have received PDFs that are formatted to print on all legal paper even when the document should clearly be letter size.

I’ve learned that screwy printing isn’t necessarily our faults. Especially if it is a PDF doc creation issue. But knowing this doesn’t make troubleshooting print issues any less frustrating.

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