Raging' Noobie Seeks Raging Guidance


I’ve had my commission for almost 4 years now, however I haven’t really done anything with it, due to jobs changing, moves, etc. A lot of the questions I would have are going to be very basic common sense ones, I would think, but I just want to toss them out there again since I’ve seen a lot has changed in the last few years.

  1. I’m not right off the bat wanting to jump into loan signings. I’m taking my time going through the courses, and I want to make sure that I’m comfortable within the loan realm.
  2. I am going to tentatively drive myself more towards the weekend/jail notaries, and once I’m comfortable with the loan signings, then I’m going to branch out. I’ve been reading that jail papers can be interesting so feel free to toss by any advice (aside from expect to wait, and get paid in advance lol).
  3. Back to loan signings. At what point didi you (the general ‘you’, the one without any bank/title/loan experiences aside from notarizing) - what were your first lessons learned, and could now be considered a lifesaver.?
  4. Weddings?? - I’m assuming that would be solemnizing a wedding certificate, barring that I’m an ordained minister. Or is that something I’m missing entirely.

Remember to stay in your lane. Introduce each document and point out only the things that are in the documents such as loan amount, interest rate, first payment date and do on. Do not attempt to interpret the documents. Always refer the signers back to the title company and or borrower.
Double check your work at the table for and signatures, dates and initials. Nothing worse than having to go back because you missed something like a date, signature or initials. It’s at your cost and priority overnight in expensive. Good luck and relax you got this.


Hi Suzanne…

I like Fritz’s answer about staying in your lane…good words and true. But before I even attempt to reply to your question, it’s important that we know where you’re located. Answers may vary depending on state.

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Ah, well, location is a good question I guess:)

Central Coast California.