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I’m a CA notary and I’ve had it with my stamp. Had problems with it printing unevenly straight out of the box. I know someone who bought from the same company I did and received a disclaimer stamp with no ink at all! When the ink finally faded, I tried adding more myself and now it’s even worse. Looking for recommendations on where to order a new one before this piece of junk starts costing me money.

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I went old school with a wood stamp and a separate ink pad. Fewer moving parts = less to break down. I’ve also started using fountain ink [the permanent aka bullet proof type] in my pad.

I don’t have a recommendation on who to buy from. I’m currently using a PSI by Trodat, and it works fine, but I’m not very busy the last few years, so haven’t put a lot of wear and tear on it. Look for a vendor who explains on their website which ink goes with which stamp, because if they mismatch it can ruin the stamp.

I also prefer to work with a vendor who shows me a mockup of how my stamp will read before I place the order, just to be sure they understand my state’s requirements. Take a screenshot of the mockup before you place the order, so if the delivered stamp doesn’t match, you have grounds to request a refund.

I custom-ordered a disclaimer stamp when the CA/SOS started requiring it on all acknowledgments and Jurats. I asked for a Brother 2260 because of the laser-like quality of the image. Been six years, and I’ve had no issues with it. I have a “skinny” Titan Jurat stamp and a PSI by Trodat for the acknowledgment stamp.

My choice of rectangular notary stamp (I have 2) is a Brother 2260, an Xstamper Eco-Green.

I have a round Vision 400R which is a piece of junk.

Xstamper is one of our favorite brands for making notary stamps. They have high quality ABS plastic frames, and the oil-based ink leaves a really nice bold impression. What type of stamp brand did you get Jaber?

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