Right Hand Services

Has anyone done work for Right Hand Services? I received two requests but they were last minute and I had little information. Anyone?

So many SS out there and nothing on them on the BBB or on 123 Notary either. I am assuming it is called My Righ Hand Services. How did they find you, did they say?

They text me two different times. I was not able to do any signings for them. I do not know how they found me.

Be careful of those texts… Notaries are being targeted for scams it seems. Don’t ever click on the links they provide. When I get those types of inquiries I simply respond for them to call me to discuss details. They never respond or even call… just be careful.

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Just some FYI here, it costs money for one to list their business with the BBB (I think $400 per year last time I checked). I wouldn’t let the fact that a company opted not to pay to be put on a “review” platform to deter you from doing business with them. People can leave reviews (stars in lieu of a letter grade) for free on Google, Yelp, Thumbtack, etc.

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I just received the a text from them for tomorrow with scan back. Wanted my fee etc but I am booked and replied that and asked them for their website etc. Will see if they respond

Left handed people might be a little slighted \triggered LOL