RON platform colorado

Has anyone used blue notary for their RON platform? And if so, would you recommend it?

My recommendation:

  1. Look up to see if they are one of the approved providers listed on SOS.
  2. If they are on the list, you must contact SOS to give them the name of the company/companies you’ve selected to do RON with.

Also IMO, I will only work with MISMO approved RON provider. Not all providers approved by the state are MISMO approved!

Did I say APPROVED? :grin: How many times can I say the word approved. :joy:


Thanks! Yes, I checked it out and they are approved. I didn’t want to go through the trouble of registering them as one of my providers with the SOS until I tried to get some opinions from notaries about the company.

I’ve never heard of them. Sorry, I’m not helping am I? I will presume you are RON approved.