Seeking Advice: Getting clients for RON notary work


I want to learn more about marketting my services nationwide.
I currently use Notarize, easy to use and inexpensive.

Any tips or advice to get more clients? Either general or loan signings…

Who should I solicit my services to? (I am all over social media and still can not find steady clients).


Hi Collin, I am in the same boat trying to market for general and loan signing in my area. I have signed up for alot of signing services which help to get the ball rolling with loan signings. If you haven’t signed up for any that is a great place to start and mostly free.

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Yes I am currently signed up with basically every signing services there is.
With 0% success rate is why I made my own Social media platforms to share my businesses ideas.

I have $100 E&O insurance policy.
I am available with reasonable fees.

Still… nothing
Although time is slow. I would at least expect something

Another good idea is to market yourself to care homes and nursing facilities. Power of attorney signings are still happening. I just did one today. The signer was very happy, because she had no idea that a notary would be willing to meet her at her mother’s care home facility !


What is the best way to market to them? Just call them? But then what do I say?
General or loan signing I’ll take anything at this time! Thanks for your help.

have you looked into any trainings. LSS has a special focus on marketing.

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Yes all the material found online is expensive and not worth it.

I only do FTF notary work. FTF = Face to Face Way more money.


I can’t seem to pass the notorize test. I freeze up. Passed everything eles any suggestions!

I am very steady on Google business!! Loan Signing is slow. Working with attorneys here and there. It will come in time. Its very slow right now!

I invested in the ipen no hits just waiting!

Collin…go in with a handful of business cards and speak with the admissions office or social worker … Yes, face to face is always best for this meetup.

Beware of location and regulations … Some states require an ombudsman be present when doing legal or other transactions with patients/residents. In those cases, speak with that person.

Good luck


Have you tried reaching out to your local chamber of commerce.
That has served me well!
Additionally, have you set up your Google Business page and a website?

Hello I recently purchase a lot of business cards and want to go to my specific audience looking for the services I provide.

Who should I and solicit?
How do I do it to build a relationship and get the company to let me keep my business cards there for their customers

@collin you asked pretty much the same question back on August 16 and got several helpful responses. Did those not work for you? Did you even follow the advice you were given?

You say “want to go to my specific audience looking for the services I provide.”

What is that specific audience? If you have decided that a specific sector is your “audience” then, IMO, you should have already had an idea how to approach them for business At least, that’s how business works, usually - you establish a business/product to service the needs of your community/demographic.

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I noticed on your website it says legal services is one of your offerings. Are you also an attorney?

Maybe switch up your company name on your website. Why you might ask? Answer: Notaries do not give legal advice. Title companies, lenders and the like might look at your website and immediately dismiss you as a potential notary because of that. (hard truth)

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@jennjoneis from his website…disclaimer at the bottom:

"We are a mobile and remote online notary, process server, and loan signing agent service provider. our team is dedicated to offering efficient and reliable support in legal document processing, but we do not provide legal advice "

They are notaries (both mobile and RON) and process servers…along with, I believe, some limited document prep which is allowed in Florida

I became a certified loan signing agent by taking Mark Wills program. I highly recommend this company.

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One way to market your service is when you go somewhere is to leave your notary card with the receptionist to the nursing home/hospital or whoever you see that signs you in. Sometimes I leave it on the floor with the at the nursing station.

Many, many years ago, I did a GNW in Sloan Kettering hospital in Manhattan. I still receive calls for Notary work however, I usually refer them to somebody else since traveling to that hospital is 40 miles away and the parking is extremely difficult unless you have somebody to sit in the car and babysit the Car or parking meter.