Seeking information on Ron Notary

I have been seeking out information on Ron Notary, the digital certificated. who is the best one to sign up for? what is it that I should expect to spend on the sign up.

In the upper right area of the window there is a medium brown magnifying glass on a dark brown stripe. It’s near your profile picture. Try searching on “RON”.

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@lbickham33 => Great question! :sparkles:

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A Search of the Notary Café database (upper right/magnifying glass) will usually be quicker than waiting for someone to reply. Utilize the following Key Word(s) “RON” in the Search field query box. There is a PLETHORA of immediately available info there for you. Happy Reading! :nerd_face:


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Oh, certainly we haven’t forgotten our maiden voyage into this business sector nor how very difficult and how long and challenging the climb was to make . . .

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You know what I find interesting? The post that I put out there a list from MISMO’s RON approved providers. I even put instructions of what they need to do in order to get into RON but it’s like a foreign language to them. Nobody is paying attention. I’ve provided a long list of the links of all the RON providers, and all they have to do is click on each link learn about the company and go from there! I gave them a gold mine for peace sakes! Too bad nobody is taking advantage of it.


Arichter said it best:

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Good & often asked question. If you need a fast answer, try ‘search’ by clicking on the magnifying glass that magically appears when you hover your mouse in the upper right corner of the brown bar at the top of this page!


Perfect example!

Once again, just about every question you have has been asked and answered here (probably multiple times) and the info is there for the taking via the Search feature. If you have a unique situation, that’s one thing, but basic info is right here.

I like the 'unique" ones…love trying to figure those out. :slight_smile:

As my mother and grandmother used to say to me when they said something and I said “what?” - their response was “I don’t chew my cabbage twice” - they should be here where it’s chewed 3, 4, 5 times and more…and still there is that “what?”


:rofl: . . . ROTFLOL . . . :rofl::swan:

Oh, LindaH-FL, I needed that this morning! Thank You :yellow_heart:



Ninety percent of what you need to know about RON is on your state notary website. Anything you do with RON has to be compliant with your state’s laws and regulations. It also is helpful to define what your goals are by using RON. Some potential business is profitable, but a lot is not. I would never recommend RON for a new notary public who has not established a successful record of business as a notary public especially as a remote notary signing agent.


@jnewberry I concur :100: Percent. The insights that I provide to new business owners within this business sector reflect that advice as well.

Also, absolutely accurate for your insights in the remainder of your post. Thank You.

Best Wishes :swan:

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Well said, especially with RON you definitely don’t wanna go there until you have at least a full year of actual notarization experience. That’s why I’m glad to see in the state of Colorado you cannot get approved to be a RON Notary unless you are a current active notary for at least 12 months.


I know Linda is so frank! Cracks me up. She makes me laugh and she makes me mad sometimes, but I love Linda! :heart_eyes:

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@VIPnotaryCO True Dat! LOL

Unfortunately, it’s the same question asked a few different ways – “I just got certified, now what do I do next”. And, in some instances I have seen that exact question asked on this forum. Perhaps I’m a bit jaded because I’m naturally curious and a researcher and I love the rush of learning something new and that lightbulb moment when you fully understand it. But, c’mon people! A little ingenuity and enthusiasm please! Help us, help you.

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I’m sorry but that is not true and I’m proof of that!

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It would be good to post it as things change.

What are you referring to that is not true?

And what she is saying you’re an inexperienced notary and have NO hands-on experience with doing notarizations; you have not experienced what happens at the table and the various troubleshooting and problem-solving actions that come up at any given time.

She’s saying that a prudent person would do GNW work to get experience in the field of being a notary public and make sure they know their notary laws down , through both experience and research/study, before venturing out to do RON signings, which are technical and wide open for fraud.



I am currently corresponding with legislators in my state about a revision to Vermont’s notary law. One of the proposals is to make it closer to the latest revision of RULONA, which has also been adopted in Colorado. The version of the law recommended by the Uniform Law Commission does not have any experience requirement. Can you provide a link to the Colorado experience requirement?

Personally I would be opposed to the legislature imposing an experience requirement, because legislatures are typically incapable of thinking outside the boundaries of their own state, and most likely would only count experience within their own state. That would be unfair to notaries moving in from another state. It would also be troublesome to enforce an experience requirement if experience from another state were honored, because some SOS employee would have to read and understand whatever documentation of experience the notary submitted.

I just got off the phone with SOS. I’m officially frightened. Today as we speak in CO, a brand new notary can apply for a notary commission and then as soon as a commission number has been issued, then can turn around and immediately apply for RON.
Talk about change, I could be wrong, or maybe old age and memory fog but at the time I applied for RON I thought it said that you have to be an active notary for min 12 months!