Seems to be a lot of small local services these days

Is it just me? I’m getting texts from four or five little local signing firms a day. Well, fine. Competition for notary services might drive rates up.

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I’m getting texts from notaries farming jobs out - which drives me crazy - it’s mostly for general notary work,one or two documents and they tell me what fee I’m getting…ugh. I usually just delete them - I don’t play the text game of “fastest notary on the clicker wins”. And for GNW my position is “give my information to your signer and have them call me - I will work out the fee with them - payable at the table”…


I live in a very rural place, but the number of Signing Services is mind boggling. I have noticed my normal fee not being accepted due to new Notaries coming on (I assume). I still can’t drive an hour away for a closing and accept less money. It’s a little frustrating.

I don’t accept any jobs from texts. If they can’t call me directly, I don’t do business with them. I don’t play the game of “be the first to respond to this text if you want the job.” If everyone refuses to accept these texts, they will soon go out of business. And good riddance.

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Yes, some SS are using text blasts as it is the fastest and easiest way of assigning closings. Gone are the days of picking up the phone and actually speaking with people. Technology can be horrible sometimes.

There are a couple of SS that use the text blast that I do accept work from, when I can, and when they send, because I know they offer decent pay for the closing/gig.

Yes, I think this method of “farming” or fishing for notaries is lame. I know that there are notaries here and in other places working as a “team” to cover signings; and I see that as keeping the third party services at bay (a good thing). However, the problem comes when notaries cover same or extended territories - and the inevitable price war begins. $90 signing agents cover same area I live and do business in, and it’s their right to work as they see fit. Only I can’t refer business to these independent contractors.

Don’t know what the ultimate solution is; but I agree that if notaries would not accept third party signings, freely advertise for them, and put them on par with some legitimate and indispensable industry icon, notaries in even so-called “saturated” areas would have a fighting chance.

I have access to the same notary sources as the SS! And right now I’m not too busy to make a phone call and schedule an appointment for xyz Title co. And clients can book me directly online.

There are alot of NSAs farming out work nowadays, and most do not have a legitimate business set up, which in the end, if they get caught by their local or state authorities, conducting business w/out a business license, if required, could bite them in the butt later on or worse, cost them to shut down.

Obtaining direct work is the BEST in this business, and it takes consistent marketing skills, during all times when the NSA is not conducting or working on a closing. It is absolutely essential that NSAs LEARN TO MARKET THEMSELVES w/out the need of SnapDump, or ANY other platform. These platforms have been the absolute worse for our profession and the industry, and there are just too many newbies, and those NSAs that are either too lazy or perhaps too scared to learn how to market their NSA business. I am leaning more towards lazy.