Signing Agent Associations

Are there any other reputable Signing Agents Associations to join besides NNA and ASN?

If you read various forums, you’ll see that most experienced notaries do not consider NNA as anything other than a necessary evil.

I have noticed the NNA is trying to monopolize the field. They require you to recertify each year and use their background check. No other line of work requires you to take the same course over and over. I understand continued education when something changes like the closing disclosures from HUD settlement statements. But I passed a signing agent course in 2011. I’m certified. Period.

You don’t have to take the Certification COURSE every year. They are simply using the background check/necessary evil to make you take the certification test &, of course, have to pay for the package deal–test & bgc.
You don’t even have to be a member to do the ‘test/bgc’.

Signature Closers offers a background check thru them for $35. It has always worked for me. And I don’t bother with NNA

Yes, I agree with Arichter, NNA is necessary evil. However, contacts that originate thru NNA are from SS that offer low-ball fees or even worse. With that NNA is becoming less of a ‘necessary’ evil.