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It seems that being a signing agent is really a trial by fire .
With online banking and mortgage lending ,there really is no training for new signing agents. I did my first signing the other day. Even with the excellent traning I did get from coast 2 coast signing; ( I happened to find on my own on you tube) I was still lost . I tried to not go in blind to the signing but there were last minute changes The platform was not clear who was doing what or who to contact regarding issue etc. The docs were slinged together in the pdf. ,and there were documents that weren’t even necessary to be signed by the borrower . Thank God the borrower was kind and patient as we navigated thru the package together and figured out who to call with questions.
I feel the operation is slack. Is this standard protocol for signing these days
I did the best I could,but left feeling bellow par, and with a huge headache I don’t like feeling like there are no standards of practice.


Hi Ally,

Certainly, I can easily feel your frustration.

I’d like to begin by offering a simple comparison: There is a very large difference between being an employee and becoming a business owner.

As a business owner, from the onset, you’re going to be pretty much flying solo; that is, unless you have a family member that is within this business sector. There are no Manuals of Desk Instructions [MDIs] as one may find as an employee nor any more experienced fellow employees there to train you.

The standards of practice that you’re seeking are to be found by being curious and seeking training & certifications on your own as a professional business owner who strives to provide professional services to your clients.

I can strongly recommend a comprehensive training program that also has an option of mentorship with a proven track record of success. I’ve successfully completed a myriad of training courses/programs through about ten different training organizations. The one that has served me the best over the years has been the Notary2Pro Training & Mentorship. I’ve successfully completed all Carol’s certifications. If you’re seeking guidance & insights that are broad-sweeping and that will steer your course appropriately covering all the topics for a successful business, it’s Carol Ray at Notary2Pro hands down.

DISCLAIMER: I’ve paid the full fee for all the training I’ve successfully completed with Carol. I receive no compensation or remuneration of any kind for sharing my experience utilizing what she taught me.

Remember that launching a business as a Signing Agent isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon!

It’s my sincere hope, Ally, that you find this information supportive & helpful! :hugs::tulip:

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What training have you had? Are you NNA certified?

I appreciate your advise and yes I have been training on my own .
I think you may have mis understood my complaint Is more on the signing service platforms that notaries use to find a gain work. I think they are lacking . There just happens to be a mother example on the forum that has had a similar experience using the platforms Like I have. I think she has a better way of explaining the difficulties

I have found that the signing companies really don’t seem to care that you get docs late, make changes last minutes, and are not available to contact when needed. Saying that- some are much better than others. And yes, there is a lot of ridiculous paperwork that is redundant. I decided to leave enough time between signings and review my docs ahead of time and call or email questions ahead of time. Good luck!!

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Apologies, Ally, for any misunderstanding.


FYI: As a business owner, the onus is directly upon the Notary Signing Agent [NSA] to gain knowledge, increase skills, improve professional services, etc.

There is no responsibility on the part of Signing Services [SS] to train nor provide a platform to train regardless if it’s a paper/hybrid/RON signing. If a SS provides training, it is normally because they experience a high incidence of errors. Thus, they provide the training to address and correct an issue they find within their business model. Usually, within this business sector the SS businesses in this category give newbies (without experience) a chance and are taking the risk of hiring a subcontractor that may [or may not] be able to serve their client professionally and successfully.

There are many SSs that won’t assign Signing Orders until the NSA/CNSA has provided these services for a certain period of time or for a specified numbers of loan signings.


Good advise thank you

I agree with you. One expect to receive the cover sheet with special instructions and Contact Info. Always contact the SS or Title company. Before you leave to a signing, make sure you have all questions answered, at the table is not the ideal time. Except when Buyers name are different than the name on the documents.

Notary 2 Pro is the answer to build your confidence .

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Seems you are lacking training. The free training you took is not enough. Notary Coach or LSS are good. Get more training and it will make more sense.

@carmela.p.notary Welcome to the Notary Cafe forum! :sparkles: This thread may be a helpful to you as a newbie/New Notary Cafe member.

Here is another helpful thread!


Congratulations on getting your first assignment done. Before you spend a lot of money taking LSA signing classes/workshops, unless you have the financial budget to support such an investment. Consider building relationships with seasoned LSAs in your local area if that option available or seek out a mentor. I been performing loan signings orders since 2015.
I built a successful loan signing practice without taking any fee based classes/workshops. Of course every individual has their own learning style and preferences. Feel free to reach out to me.