Snapdocs hasn't paid!


I completed a loan modification for Snapdocs on June 17, 2019 and I have yet to receive payment. I sent them the invoice twice and then they responded via email and said their payroll dept. pays the first of each month. We are now almost into August and still no payment. Does anyone have any experience with Snapdocs?

First of all, SnapDocs is only a ‘platform’. Payment is still made by hiring party. Yes, some ‘do’ SnapDocs ‘vendor pay’ via ACH, but the funds come from hiring party. My experience with vp is that it is a very slow way to get paid. Seems to take around a week after you’ve been notified it’s in the works. SnapDocs will not go to bat for you…strictly between you and hiring party. Also note, that it could be in your bank account. Have you checked with your bank for a deposit in the correct amount on the supposed pay date?

Ditto on SD is platform only, check the auto deposit & the company that hired you… then if no progress, email the title company. They’ve helped me get paid a few times by calling the notary co. to account.

First, check the signing history. If payment is coming via SD you will see the word VENDORPAY on the right. Companies chose whether to use Vendorpay - some do not.

If the signing is not marked for Vendorpay, payment is coming directly from the signing company to you and Snapdocs is not involved.

Send your invoice directly to the company that assigned you.