SSS LLC - Anyone ever do a signing for them?

I always try to check out signing services and title companies that I’ve never done business with in the past.

Received a request from a company called SSS LLC out of Houston TX. Has anyone ever done a signing for them - if so - did they compensate in the agreed timeframe?

Thanks for the responses in advance.

Please decode the acronym as there are several businesses that utilize it => What business name is represented by SSS?
TIA :sparkles::sunglasses:

P.S. When performing a Google search on “SSS LLC” there are multiple choices, but not simply “SSS LLC.” Qualified the parameters to include the term Texas and received similar results. Regrets that I can be of no assistance. :disappointed_relieved:

Their company legal name is SSS, LLC and they are a registered entity in Texas.

Robin, Did you find out anything about SSS, LLC? I’ve looked online, but can’t find a company that is signing or notary related. It makes me curious, in case I get a request from them.

Never found anything out about them. I chose to give up the assignment because I have a lot of assignments and having been in business for years, I don’t take assignments from signing services that I can’t find anything out about.

Hi, I received a signing from them yesterday and could not find anything, So I asked.
Here is Heathers response; “We are known as Simple Signing Solutions LLC in Houston TX…We shorten the name because there are 2 different “people” with the same name and my company was getting confused with these people.”
The signing is over and hour away and are willing to pay my fee, so I am going to give them a chance.