Strategies for dealing with sudden illnesses

How do you deal with sudden illness when you have assignments scheduled? Staggering in and out of borrowers’ homes trailing cough drop wrappers and used tissues just doesn’t seem right, but cancelling would damage my business. Suggestions?

Sorry to hear this Judi - hope you feel better soon!

Anyway - I’d call scheduler/company and let them know. If you’re too sick to do it, sh** happens - you’re just too sick - and I’m sure your signers will be forever grateful that you didn’t bring it into their home; what I’ve done is called the company, let them know what’s going on (this was for sudden hospitalization of my mother, life-flighted out to hospital) - I found another notary in the area who was available - I’d already printed the docs so I let the company know I had another notary/nsa who was available and offered to hand off the printed package to the other notary with no charge to them for the printing - it worked for me.

Your health comes first. I get it about damaging business but, hey, we’re human. Things happen and we get sick too, just like they do.

Best wishes and, again, get well soon!

You get a backup notary, they back you and you them, send their info to your companies. I have two notaries, they have backed me, but I have not backed them yet.

Excellent suggestions, and thanks!