Title Processing Center and Premium Closing Solutions

Any comments? I usually work with X Marks the Spot but have gotten several offers from these companies recently. Do they tend to pay on time?


(I’m in NC if that matters)

Yes.they wonderful

Thanks! Which company have you worked with? Both?

Great company to work for!

I’ve closed several for both, though each can be different with payments, what matters is they pay. I hear a lot about “on time” do they pay questions and if your full time as a certified loan signing agent then do not expect payment for 30-60 days… We are 3rd party, Independent and all sign agreements to this… I look at it this way, when I log into my Notary Gadget (I think this is the BEST ever) and it’s up to date, the total balance due to me (I keep a specific number in my head) is say 5000.00 consistently, meaning as I enter payments and enter new signing it averages that? I’m completely happy. I never have my invoice on auto (except for two companies at their request) and once a month I look at the oldest and make a decision to manually send an invoice or not… And the last thing I’d do is post negatives on this! Title Processing has a few negative reviews which shocked me, mine is 5 star always has been. Further it’s been a while but I’ve closed for Premium Closings, also paid, they paid a few weeks later then the other to answer your question but who pays sooner then others is so irrelevant as payments will continue…So focus on what’s due to you, not why isn’t it here and you’ll be much happier! Totally my opinion and thoughts)
Best Wishes
Jody P

Title Processing is a delight to work with. The employees are friendly and completely competent, and they pay in a timely manner. 5 stars from me.:blush: