Tulsa Mentor

Hi All!
I’m a new notary and loan signing agent in Tulsa. I’m not on facebook so I can’t access any support groups, but I was wondering if there are any local Tulsa loan signing agents who could answer some questions and be a mentor while I’m starting out!

I have finished everything on the checklist to become a loan signing agent, and on Monday I’ll get E&O insurance and start signing up with signing services. I’m so nervous about messing up! But I’ve studied hard, so I think it’ll be okay.

Anyway, let me know if you are available to mentor. Thank you!

Welcome!!! I’m in Tulsa too! I’m a newbie so I’m probably not the best mentor but I surly wish you the best on your search for a mentor and your business!:heart:

I was just searching all the Tulsa notaries and I saw your profile and my first thought was “oh, she looks so nice!” hahaa! And thank you!

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Awww your so sweet!! Thank You!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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do you have some favorite signing services that i should look into? I have no idea yet what SS’s are good or bad!

I like snapdocs and notarygo but the pay is low. I take those for experience. I’ve been signed up with signingorder for about 2 months but haven’t been selected yet. I really really enjoy general notary work due to not having wait to get paid lol. But keep in mind I only do this part time so my availability is limited.

that helps tho, thank you!!

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Your welcome and good luck!