Two notorization forms for borrower's acknowledgment

In an REFI doc that was sent overnight to the customer, there were two notorization forms following the borrower’s acknowledgement, both with flags for me to notorize. Does anyone know why the second form was there and if I should have notorized it?

Sometimes there’s a certificate for each person. It’s not really necessary, but it’s okay to complete the certs separately - if they are compliant for your state. I’m CA and often have to replace certs simply because the wording is not compliant for CA. If I were you but in CA and the two separate certs were not compliant, I would replace it but with ONE cert to included both signers - and the pronouns he/she/they would reflect “they”. However, if the wording IS compliant, I will just complete the two separate certs rather than use my own.

I would contact the person who sent the doc to the customer for clarification before you notarize it. It is always good to know and understand what it is you are asked to do.

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Many times a lender will include “extra” acknowledgements/jurats incase an error occurs, then the lender can insert another one. I do not fill out the “extra” since you do not know if it will in fact be used for the correct document.

Never fill out an extra acknowledgement form for “just in case” as they would say. Like somebody said, it might not be used for the right purpose and guess who gets in trouble for doing that, you do.