WARNING: Americas Notary Pro Does Not Pay

I am newer to be a signing agent and have come across Americas Notary Pro. I know most of the other companies I have worked with typically pay Net30 so I wasn’t expecting payment until at least 30 days. I am now at 60 days of not being paid and have reached out to them numerous times with absolutely no response. I will be reporting to BBB but also wondering who else I should notify? They are getting paid from title once the loan funds and should be paying their notaries! After all we are independent and pay for all of our own supplies. It just makes me sick thinking of all the notaries being taken advantage of by them.

Contact the TC involved and let them know you’ve not been paid after 60 days.


@michelle7 It’s always in your best interest to perform a quick Search of the Notary Café forum database if you’re new OR if the business entity is new to you. This is one quick way to ensure that you’re not chasing payments . . .

You can run a Search (upper right/magnifying glass) as it will usually be quicker than waiting for someone to reply.

Here are the results I found for you by typing “Americas Notary Pro” in the Search field. This page is replete with threads packed with information on that particular business entity (some good . . . some not so great about their payment reputation).



Also, here are the results I found for you by typing “payment” in the Search field. Lots of information about how to proceed in your scenario:


Also, here is one thread that you may find particularly helpful:

Best wishes :sparkles:

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Thank you so much for your help I truly appreciate it!

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I must have gotten lucky with them, hopefully it wasn’t a one time thing. I did a signing for them on 11/30 and received a check by 12/17.

Done two signings for them never been paid. AVOID!!!

I’m filing with the attorney general so maybe that will get them to pay me. I’m sorry to hear you were taken advantage of as well.

I called several times. The person answering the phone is flat out nasty and hangs up. It took me 3 months and calls to the emergency number listed on the instructions to get paid. Never again.

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I did a signing for them in 08/22 and 09/22. I emailed them to inquire about the payment on 10/12/22 and they stated I did not submit a W9 (dont know how that was possible) so I submitted one that day. I have then since moved and provided a new on 12/6/22. I called 3 times today. 1st call left voicemail, 2nd and 3rd I got hung up on by Belinda. Now I am off to any reviews and the BBB.


I did a signing for them on 9/16 and another on 10/31. To date I have not been paid. I talked to Alexis and then again to Debbie. According to each of them their accounting manager, Susie, has either been out of the office, away from her desk, or out sick with COVID. I have sent several e:mails after the calls with the response that they will are checking on it and will get back with me as soon as they can. I hope to one day get paid, however, it does not look good. Will never do another signng for them.

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@tfresquez Sorry to read about your experience with non-payment.

By any chance did you review this post?

It includes much helpful & insightful detailed payment collection information:


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Posted this earlier today.

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Today I finally got paid but it took e:mailing and following up every day for a month. It is unfortunate that I had to do this in order to get paid what was due to me. I am thankful that I got paid but will never do another signing for them again. To all those notaries accepting their orders, please be aware of their slow pay/no pay processes. Not worth it. There are other companies out there that pay on time without any difficulty.


Was payment received?

Wow, this information and all the other replies with people’s no-pay experiences are invaluable. I received both an email and phone call from them requesting my service- guess I’ll ignore them from here on out

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