WARNING: AOE Signings, LLC, Tempe, AZ, D Will Torres/CEO => (formerly “Never Sleep Notary” that's now out of business)

No, not if you have the right connections. Demand for payment on letterhead from an attorney has a lot more weight to it. Also, there is a principle here as well. This unethical business owner thinks he can continue to rip off notaries and get away with it!

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Yerajasmine, I got the same exact email from Cindy regarding AOE’s unethical practices, saying she was very sorry and the title company has cut ties, yadayada.

I did a job in July. I asked for payment in early September and got no response until October. They said they would send a check and they never did. I have been emailing them and got no response. The number is disconnected. I have no idea what to do now.

@Chavonnef.taylor By any chance did you see multiple threads above providing insightful & helpful steps to take for achieving payment for the professional services you successfully provided? Please review these threads as noted below.


Please report him to support@signingorder.com He needs to be removed from the platform so he can’t continue to do this to other Notaries. If everyone in this thread reports him, they’ll can him.

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Hmm!! Take what you like from this post and leave the rest.

I’ve read about how some notaries have gotten paid by contacting Attorneys General offices. But, that doesn’t fix the bigger problem .

I’ve read about notaries contacting the Title company, but that doesn’t fix the bigger problem.

I’ve read about notaries contacting the signing platforms, but that doesn’t fix the bigger problem.

So what do you think about lodging a complaint with the Secretary of State office in the culprit’s home state and asking for the culprit’s Notary Commission to be suspended or revoked until the notaries he as defrauded are all paid in full with interest.

Why? Without a commission the culprit can not function as a Notary Public, period. Not as an individual, not as a Signing Service and not as an employee of a Title company.

Rather than putting the culprit out of business (just to start another business) or out of a job with Title companies, put the culprit completely out of our industry.

And, if contacting the Attorney General or Title gets you paid then do that also.


Y’know what might work? If some enterprising individual were to actually sit down and compose a “standard” letter that could be used with any state’s Secretary of State office that succinctly outlined the non-payment issue with a ‘culprit’ signing service. Any aggrieved notary could use it and when enough of them are received by the SoS, they might be compelled to jerk the offending signing service’s license.
Somebody out there wanna give it a shot? I’d do it (I’m good at that kinda stuff) but I haven’t been stiffed like many of you so my motivation is quite low.

Fyi, you do not need a notary commission to own/operate a signing service.

I stand corrected. However, Title companies may look at that with a raised eyebrow.

@Bobby-CA if you’re good at it as you say, why don’t YOU just compose a succinct, on point letter YOU would send to your regulating agency … a template if you will.

All this talk of writing to SoS … they have nothing to do with signing services …and no, all signing services are not run/owned by notaries … that’s painfully obvious by some of the SSs who post here … either they are not notaries or they are clueless notaries because some of what they have spouted here is frightening.

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I did report my experience to support@signingorder.com, about a month ago, but I I received
No reply…crickets…

@Bobby-CA I truly LOVE the concept of creating a template for a letter that is directed to SoS offices regarding the non-payment issues to spotlight the individuals who are Signing Service [SS] owners & who ALSO have a Notarial Commission. => You may have seen (from time-to-time) a few of my templates (on other topics) here on threads within the Notary Cafe forum. :sparkles: However, I’m no EXPERT like you!

In essence, this template letter would put some proverbial “teeth” into the enforcement aspect of it & enable consist & pervasive collections efforts across the USA for the experienced & the not-so-experienced as well. :hugs:

So, YES please, if you could take some time during this current “lull” from the usual frenetic schedule of activities to let your Creative Energies flow forth . . . :owl:


Those of us who’ve walked that mile/have direct experience (or the excellent skills to contribute) benefit ALL Notary Cafe members when continuing to be magnanimous & giving just a bit of extra help to enable all to pursue collection of the fees due to them for the professional services successfully provided.

Thank You (in advance), Bobby!


Here is an update to this case on AOE, Dylan Torres, and now a possible accomplice Cindy Canales. It appears when Dylan Torres owned Never Sleep Notary before he rebranded to AOE he was working with Cindy Canales at Stewart Title. It is reported in this thread that many of the Notaries were told she stopped working with him. However, they are both working at Fidelity National Title, specifically Chicago Title Branch and although yet to be confirmed he may be her assistant. If this is indeed true this may be a huge case for Fidelity/Chicago Title if she is aiding him in getting orders to send out to Notaries. Support @ Signing Order . com is responding to emails. If you have written them already and not received a response you need to ask for a reply and resolution. Furthermore it is encouraged for all Notaries to write all three VP Reps at Fidelity National Title concerning an investigation about a possible Notary Scheme with these two individuals. It is not confirmed that Cindy is a party to Dylan’s now second company that seems to have not paid any of its Notaries- but it is odd that she would tell Notaries she’s fired him and be working again with him (in any capacity, which isn’t confirmed) now at Fidelity National Title / Chicago Title. Remember, every Notary is a prospective Vendor one day for Fidelity National Title so keep your emails short, sweet, and to the point. Simply explain very quickly you would like to know an investigation is going to take place and provide them links to this thread and both of their Linked in profiles showing why you see they work together. These are the three most powerful figures within their region and if Dylan is discovered to have a scheme of some sort running, as well with an accomplice, Fidelity National Tittle will surely not put up with it. They are to old, to strong, and to strict to allow something like this to stand to happen to their Notaries (working with them or not). They run a tight ship. If anyone finds out that they are no longer working at these places which are current in their profile please post proof as Dylan himself could be watching this thread trying to stay one step ahead of everyone. The website for their contact information is: Corporate Office – Fidelity National Title Agency: https://fntarizona.com/corporate-office

If you are currently Fidelity Approved and scared to send an email. Create an alternat email address and send an anonymous email. Make your email subject line: Possible Fidelity Notary Scheme to see if you can grab their attention.

With Signing Order you should email them something similar but do remind them that this is the second time they’ve had problems with Dylan Torres’ businesses on Signing Order. Notary Cafe only allows new members to post 1-2 links so the email address again is support @ signing order . com all one word.

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First and foremost I would like you all to know that I am sincerely sorry for the issues you have all dealt with regarding Dylan Torres. Yes AOE was vetted by Stewart Title Vendor Management. Dylan Torres affirmed to us that the reason for the change from Never Sleep to AOE was simply due to a name change. We do not have access to his bank records to know if he was having issues. Also I still currently work for Stewart Title and have been with Stewart Title for 10 years this May. I worked for Fidelity Title in 2003-2008. Dylan Torres is in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM related to ANY ties whatsoever to me, personally or professionally. Our lending client requested his services, so we had his company vetted and sent orders his way. The moment I was informed of this forum and the issues of notaries not being paid, I contacted Vendor Management and we IMMEDIATELY discontinued sending him any orders whatsoever. We demanded proof of payment for all the notaries who reached out to us and we got the run around from Dylan Torres as well. I work for Stewart Title in Anaheim, CA and have been an Escrow Officer for 24 years. I have personal local notaries whom I’ve worked with for that same duration of time who not only have become friends but are also like family. I understand and value the job of Notary Publics. Any individual notary who is approved with us does get paid directly via invoice. However when it comes to a Signing Service, that company is paid as they are the client who is hiring out individual notaries. I mainly work with Universal Notary who has a stellar reputation. I have worked with them for almost 10 years, with the exception of the short period of time that we sent orders to Dylan Torres as requested by our client. I just wanted to let you all know that I was not aware of his unethical work practices until one of you actually directly sent me the link to this forum. I’ve even provided some of you his personal notary commission number to be able to report him. I wish there was a way I was notified even sooner so we could have put an end to him even sooner than we did.

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[quote=“Cindy.C, post:116, topic:30599”]

Thank you Cindy for stepping up to share this. I will edit my post to make sure that everyone reads your post as well. Dylan Torres has been reported to the software companies as well as to Fidelity where he says he now works. We appreciate your stepping into this conversation and will make sure post with your name are amended. Thank you for your help!


Boring to some, Mannie, not to many others who have been stiffed and are attempting to collect. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

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More Updates:

Had friend do some digging and found that his emergency contact is listed as Monica Torres (602) 577-7738 on one of his signing agent profiles. We looked up her that name on Facebook and got his photo and hers together. And it says that that she is a former escrow officer at Chicago Title, also a Fidelity company. So it’s either his mother, sister, or girlfriend. The profile says that she is a Notary at MTB Notary PLLC. Which means that may be another name they use to assign orders so be careful accepting orders from that name as well. SHE MAY NOT BE AN ACCOMLICE TO THIS AT ALL BUT HER FACEBOOK PROFILE SHOWS DYLAN IN LOTS OF PHOTOS WITH HER. HE IS NOT MARKED AS A SIBLING IN THE FAMILY TREE THAT IS ALSO PUBLIC BUT THEY DO HAVE THE SAME LAST NAME AND ARE IN THE SAME PHOTOS- AND SHE ALSO DOES THE SAME JOB. Maybe she can help. This is the facebook profile: (7) Monica Torres | Facebook If you google the business name you can find out and Tempe Arizona you should be able to get the business listing to come up. That phone number matches the one on the deep search for emergency contact. More search says that was open since 2018 in Arizona. On the linked in profile the boast "We have about 55,000 signing agents which means she is working with someone as a Signing Service. The email address is moniatorresbrown@mtbnotary.com

Also, in addition to the above comment. You can see many of Monica’s clients posted on her professional facebook profile for MTB Notary.

This includes Premier Title Agency in Arizona and Driggs Title Agency in Arizona and Magnus Title Agency in Arizona. If you scroll through the page you can see lots of clients they work with and also see that business registered to the BBB as well. Also a member of the Phoenix Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Maybe they are un-related but it is odd she has so many photos of him and owns a signing agency as well. More research to come!

Your picture is the same picture which is on AOE Signings. Are you Dylan, the owner of AOE?

I have only been stiffed twice in 14 years, and AOE is one of those. Their phone number says they are not accepting calls at this time. No answer to emails.

Be careful. He sent myself and another notary that he owes a virus attached a payment .to what was supposed to be attached to the email