WARNING: Do not work with Notary Network LLC

Please save yourself the trouble and Stay Away.

Over 6 months unpaid with Notary Network LLC. Both orders through SigningOrder.com. I’ve called and emailed for months now. No response. Now I try calling their number and it rings 3 times and hangs up.

Does anyone know what options I have with pursuing unpaid orders? Pretty much I can just make a complaint on BBB and that’s it right? Besides that I’m SOL?


After blowing up their email this morning they finally sent payment. They claimed checks were mailed and that they voided them because they weren’t cashed. I’m not buying it. All the other orders I’ve done for them were sent ACH so I’m not sure why they would have mailed checks. Never working with them again.

Next time, if a company takes their time paying you for you services, please , please DO NOT tell us: no to work for such TC or SS companies.

What? I don’t understand. Why

@zfinc001 Sorry to read about your Non-Payment experience with Notary Network LLC.

It’s in Your best interest to ALWAYS Search the Notary Cafe database for experiences of other members regarding a business entity that is new to you.

A brief Search of the Notary Cafe database (a GOLDMINE) will provide you with great insights, information, & clarity regarding this business sector & the direct experiences of others. The research you engage in will also guide you in further developing your critical thinking processes.

I performed a cursory Search of the database utilizing the ever-elusive, nearly-invisible Magnifying Glass for the keywords “Notary Network LLC” you supplied and found this critically important thread:


To help you locate the Magnifying Glass, I have inserted an image below.

Also, for future reference in the event that you may need guidance with collection of Past Due funds (I did see above you’ve been paid in this instance), please reference this sagacious & effective process by @rparker :



I’m sorry @mannie1950, but I politely disagree with you. I feel that knowing it took 6 months for @zfinc001 to receive payment is valuable information for anyone considering working with that company. Timely payments are important to independent contractors, and the knowledge that payments may not be received for that long might make a difference for those who expect a faster turnaround.

I will not remove or edit your reply. I just want to point out that I personally feel this post is the type of information that can be beneficial to users. I am a little unsure of why you would not want to know about difficulty receiving payment for your services. Some people would rather avoid chasing down what is due to them entirely, making this post all the more helpful, regardless of if payment was finally received or not.

Notary Cafe Support


Mike, some Notaries fail to submit the documents required for SS and Title companies complete and accurately, making difficult to issue payments correctly, others provide wrong addresses getting checks returned to issuer, in the case of electronic checks, they neglect to verify their check has been sitting there for week without being printed and cashed, other notaries demanding unpolitely their payment stalling it, we as professional Notaries know which TC or SS companies are worth of our time and attention, so just because a Notary had a bad experience with an xyz company I consider telling other fellow notaries NOT to work for them, a BEWARE notice will be sufficient…

When I get back to my laptop I will get demand letters that WILL get results.

I may have it in an email i sent to someone else. I’ll chk

I’ve been signing for them for years, and they always pay on-time. Provide me your name & phone number to weocnotary@gmail.com, and I will make some phone calls. Can you also provide the file numbers (they look like this 200001935999)?


So you just completely assumed that I didn’t do my due diligence and that’s why I didn’t receive payment? I’d been sending them invoices since 1 month after the signing and had everything in order. The delay on the payment was entirely their fault not mine. You’re just being argumentative.
So I say again, Do Not Work With Them.
Actually, you can go ahead but when they blow you off for payment I’ll just go ahead and assume it’s because you didn’t have your paperwork in order lol


Absolutely. I agree with you. Thank you.

Im sorry. Did I send those demand letters?
I’ve lost track with an urgent personal matter.

Thank you so much @zfinc001 for your warning. You’ve helped out many notaries, including myself. Don’t listen to people trying to censor your speech on an online, public forum meant for helping notaries lol. So bizarre…


Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope everything works out well in the future. Not knowing if someone is going to pay you for your hard work is def. scary.


I love to work for Notatr Network LLC…

Right??? Lol extremely bizarre. Dude is mad that I’m trying to warn people so they don’t experience the same thing haha

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Definitely! And thank you

Good for you? They didn’t pay me for six months. You’re feedback has been useless.

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You of course can show it as a loss on your income tax. OR You could suw them in civil court with them paying all court costs and fees one you receive a judgment. This is time consuming. What is your time worth? Would hav to weigh if it would be worth it. You can also send a demand letter. See if they have an agent to send the letter through or to serve them if you decide to sue them.


They actually sent payment finally after blowing up their phone and email. But thank you though! I did not know you could record this as a loss