WARNING - Non-Payment: US signings - Eduardo (Eddie) Barron

Has anyone had any issues getting paid by US signings? I’ve been paid by them in the past with no problem but I did a signing for them again in April if 2023 and have not received payment. Phone calls and e-mails go unanswered.


Best bet is to let Title co. know. Some will do something, some don’t care. You’ve nothi8ng to lose.


I agree with you but was waiting a bit. One problem is their agreement does not state specific terms just that they will pay. We are past 90 days however. Can’t imagine their terms are any longer than that so I will contact title. I will also remind them I made two trips to the home because TITLE failed to upload the identity affidavit!

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@carolforst99 Yes, the information on this business entity is immediately available via the GOLDMINE database within Notary Cafe. Very insightful.

There are 14 additional threads on this business entity and each one has posts with Warnings of Non-Payment.

The oldest thread is from March of 2017.

The most recent thread was 24 days ago. Here is the direct Notary Cafe url link to it:


It’s always wise to research & vet a new client prior to providing a definitive confirmation to them for your initial Signing Order for them. A great start of research would begin within the Notary Cafe forums Search Function.

Most members find it difficult/nearly impossible to locate the Search Function in order to access the wealth of info available within the database.

To be helpful, I’ve inserted an image for you & others [see below] to help members locate it to unlock the wisdom & knowledge of other members on the forums.

Accessing the database to locate info about potential clients has saved many of us an inordinate amount of time ‘chasing’ payments for Services professionally provided to potential non-payers . . .


Last time I used them was 2014 which was paid in thirty days. I should have read Signing Central. They are now a one star. It is up to 80 days with no money and no response to emails. No more for me.

I wish I had read this sooner. I am owed by US Signings. Here’s the thing, if their reputation is so bad, why on earth are title companies using them? Don’t they research signing services before sending them assignments? Generally, I do, but US Signings sends so many out through Snapdocs, I felt sure they were legitimate. On that note, when Snapdocs is made aware these vendors aren’t paying their notaries, they should remove them from the platform!!!


I completed a job for them back in November 2022 and I recently received payment from them in July 2023 after I contacted my attorney. My attorney turned around and sent a letter for immediate payment.


@MMDnotaryservice Thank you for sharing your successful direct experience with this business entity.


Same here. They owe me $105 from March 3, 2023. I didn’t have scans on this one to reference. I’m contacting Elevated Title to see what can be done. Does anyone know who owns US Signings? This is unacceptable.


Company now shows as permanently closed. They got me for a signing back in April, 2023. I actually gave them a break on price because the signing was close by. Sadly, they’ll probably re-open under a different name. I agree with others, reviews of this company were poor, so why would any reputable title company use them?

Very insightful. Thank you. I did not research them because I had done two signings for them last year and had no trouble getting paid. Live and learn! it’s very frustrating and discouraging given the level of service we give our clients each and every time all along, thinking we’re going to be paid for our time and efforts

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Unbelievable. Well, I guess that saves us the trouble of going through any extra efforts to try and collect from them. Write it off as a loss I guess. Mine was the same thing. I made two trips to the clients home, because Title failed to upload the identity affidavit, so I did everyone a favor and didn’t ask for any additional fee, ironically I would not have received it anyway ha ha

Alexandra, did you get anywhere with the title company?. I did the same thing and got nowhere. The only response I received was that they would contact US signings on my behalf. Of course nothing happened after that and repeated efforts were ignored even by title.

Title sounds just as bad as US Signings

@carolforst99 Yes, absolutely! Also, all of the out-of-pocket expenses we have for paper, toner, turnpike fees, gasoline, pens, binder clips, envelopes, etc., etc., etc. :thinking::thought_balloon: A total loss and ‘in-the-red’ status . . .


Where do you see that? Google shows that because I reported the listing as a fraudulent company but I’m curious if you found it elsewhere.

@dylan_messimer Is this what you’re seeking?

That’s the one that I was aware of since I reported that listing. I was curious if there was another way @mgoebel12 found that they were no longer in business.

Either way, Eddie Barron deserves all the negative that the business and world has for him. I hope they catch him every single time.

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I am curious if anyone has ever had any luck holding the title company responsible for payments in these situations. Now that US signings is out of business there’s no need to pursue them however, what about the title company? I seem to recall a post stating that we can threaten to report them to an agency but I can’t find that post, what are your thoughts?

Per SoS corporations

US Signings LLC (202354116057)

Initial Filing Date|01/05/2023
Status Active
Standing - SOS Good
Standing - FTB Good
Standing - Agent Good
Standing - VCFCF Good
Entity Type Limited Liability Company - CA
Principal Address 1920 E WARNER AVE STE B B SANTA ANA, CA 92705
Mailing Address 4590 MACARTHUR BLVD STE 500 NEWPORT BEACH,CA92660
Statement of Info Due Date 01/31/2025
Agent Individual Eduardo Barron 1920 E WARNER AVE STE B B SANTA ANA, CA 92705