WARNING: Nona notary - [Name Redacted - NC Moderators]

Has anyone heard of Nona Notary LLC, they put an invoice on Bill.com, but I have not been paid yet? Just wondering if they’re legit. Received the order from SigningOrder.com

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@Collim9191 Never heard of this business organization previously.

Here is some helpful information that was immediately discovered via a google search:

13194 US HWY 301 STE 354 RIVERVIEW, FL 33578
(407) 848-1210

www. nonanotary .com


@Collim9191 The following are insightful images for websites that contains data that should be quite helpful to you for collection of your unpaid fees for successfully completed professional services:

Presence on flcompanyregistry.com

Presence on BuzzFile:

Presence on ZoomInfo:

Presence on FB:

Presence on BBB:

Presence on LinkedIn:

Presence on D&B:

Presence on sunbiz.org [State of FL]


I completed a closings for this company more then 60 days ago nd have yet to receive any payment or email from bill.com. I’m going to have to go to court. This is really sad that this individual takes advantage of independent contractors like this.

@ayrivera1 By any chance have you followed the Steps in the Action Plan within this post already (before climbing the court steps)?


I have only had to use it one time. When the title company did not respond after the third time, I sent everything to the state agency who walked me through the process I described in this post. I received payment for the full amount from the title company within a month. I was told by the state that if the title company doesn’t take care of it, they ban them from doing business on the state. In my state, it is the Bureau of Insurance. You will want to check with you state to find out which division handles oversight of title companies

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Thank you for the information. I sent an email to them again and they responded requesting the Bill.com ID number which I felt they should already have since they are the ones that put the invoice on the site. Anyway, I provided them with the ID number and awaited payment. As of today, I have still not heard back from them and this was done on the 9th. I sent my final email to them today and told him this was my last and final request for payment; and if they have five business days to deposit the funds to my account or I will take further actions. I.e contact loan company.

I just think it’s awful that these companies can do this to us

Their website and facebook page have been turned off. I assume out of business. Their business address is a post office box at a UPS store.

I’m in the same situation as you, I have a pending invoice since 10/22. Spoke to someone back in November the gentleman stated it would be handled that same week and still nothing. I had done previous job for them, and it wasn’t an issue to get paid. Not sure what’s happening but its no good when the voices mail is full, and email go unanswered. Also apparently, they have gone dark mode on social media. :unamused:

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