WARNING: Notarize 247 Not paying

Is anyone else not getting paid from this service?
I have been waiting 98 days for 75.00🤬

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@Pkunotary Great question! I’m sorry to read that you’re experiencing payment difficulties for successfully provided professional services.

As I have no direct, professional experience with this particular Signing Service [SS]/business entity, unable to comment on their payment process.

However, I performed a cursory Search of the Notary Cafe GOLDMINE of a database and found a plethora of insightful & helpful threads on the topic of nonpayment by this company.

Please reference the direct url links below for additional information:

There are 39 threads on this Search result:

There are 12 threads on this Search result:

There are 6 threads on this Search result:

You’ll probably be able to find additional data by performing other variations on the keywords of your choice.


It’s always wise to research & vet a new client prior to providing a definitive confirmation to them for your initial Signing Order for them. In addition, as there are MULTIPLE businesses that have recently closed down their business & maintain unpaid balances due to the Professional Signing Agents [PSAs] who have successfully supported their businesses . . . it will be in your best interest (regardless of how many times you’ve worked for a business entity) to perform a Search of the Notary Cafe database when you receive a Signing Order to ensure that there are no RECENT events springing up of nonpayment.

Accessing the database to locate information about potential clients has saved many of us an inordinate amount of time ‘chasing’ payments for Services professionally provided to potential (or proven) non-payers . . .

A great start for your research would begin within the Notary Cafe forums Search Function.

To be helpful, I’ve inserted an image for you & others [see below] to help members locate it to unlock the wisdom & knowledge of other members on the forums.


P.S. I’ve also linked two additional threads to you directly that you may find helpful.


@Pkunotary Please note there is an EDIT to the above post . . .

As this business name sounded quite familiar, I took a few moments to double-check my records of professional services with this business entity. There were two Signing Orders I accepted from them in the past. The first one was in March of 2013 (paid within 1 week) & the second one was in April of 2013 (paid within 2 weeks).

As that was nearly ten years ago, that data is basically not worth current consideration.


Regarding obtaining payment for the professional services you successfully provided, this thread may prove quite helpful to you (it’s be very helpful to many other Notary Cafe members):


YEP! 90+ days out. Then they paid by CC to only cancel the payment the next day causing my bank to charge me $15 plus remove their payment. I did reach out to title and lender then emailed all 3 with overdue invoice… Shea did reach out to make payment again which she did but still in the waiting period to make sure they don’t withdrawal payment again. They are now on my “Do Not Work For” list!
Direct contact:

Shea Ince

Notarize 247

23615 El Toro Rd X385

Lake Forest, CA 92630




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If their office location is any indicator, they are a junk company. I used to live about a mile from there and it’s a crummy strip mall that used to be quite nice but has gone downhill. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about Notary 247 so I never do any work for them. They are on my NO CALL list as well.

Thank you for that contact, RefionalMobileNotary. I am still fighting to get paid for a closing in June 2022… seven months ago. They keep telling me it will be paid in two weeks then stop replying to me. They have even called me and asked me to a signing for them last month and I told them not until I’m paid for the one that is 6 months overdue… and still no payment.

I’m going to contact the title company. I don’t are if the relationship is over because of it. I want my money for a job well done period.

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PKUNotary, I decided to call as well. I’m on the phone with Stewart Title now as well.

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Stewart Title says they are getting a lot of calls about this company. Good luck to you. I hope we both get paid.

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Someone is going to pay us!!

i am waiting too, i was told the check would go out on their next run which was middle october, i emailed back and now i get the run around.

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Yes, just received my payment after 3 months waiting.

How did you get it? Title involved or threatening emails?

Shea is a LIAR!! Told me over and over my check was just mailed and nothing.
I will never ever work for this company!


I emailed lender and I do believe lender contacted Notarize 247 and received my check less than a week later.

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Same with me. Almost 100 days and about 20 emails to them for a $75 fee. The only response I have received says they are setting up a new accounting service and are behind. Ridiculous.

I had one that was 7 months old and after getting the run around and commenting here last week, I called the title company and sent an email to Notarize 247 that I had contacted Stewart Title. By the end of the day, I got a call from them and they paid me with Zelle while we were on the phone. They are saying they are behind on sending out payments and “working on correcting the problem”. I would recommend calling the title company that was involved asap.

Sadly, I have been waiting 104 days for $105.00!

I have not had any issue with them. Try calling?

I have 2 signings I did for them 172 days ago. They used to be an excellent company to work for. I’m not sure what happened. They quit replying to my emails in December.