What system are you using to do online signings-I have a mac computer

I have a Mac computer. I just receive my digital certificate and my enotary seal. I will like to get it set up on my Mac computer. What system are using for PDF’s and electronic signings

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What state are you in, and who did you get the certificate and eseal from?

I am in Florida and got my enotary stamp from NNA

Florida seems to require education to become a remote online notary. There is a web page about this.

Remote onlline notarization is mostly not allowed in my state (Vermont), except for emergency procedures during the pandemic, which no one seems to be using. So I have not investigated the companies in this arena.

When you are investigating, keep in mind that demand for this service begins with the entity creating the document that’s to be notarized, together with the entity that will be receiving the document. Once those entities have decided what they want, they start looking for a service that can provide it. They’ll probably want to go with one of the services that gets a lot of attention on the web. The chance someone will call you up and ask for an online notarization are pretty slim.

She said e-notarization - not RON - two separate authorized duties in Florida; I get my e-notarization cert back in 2006 also - never used it. E-notarization training is included in the basic 3-hour course for Florida.

RON certification not only requires additional training but also requires a higher bond and $25,000 E&O (something not required for traditional notary public or e-notarizations). Along with having to have a digital RON service provider in place to register it with our RON commission.

The original poster, zioncapital1, mentioned “online signings” in the title of the thread. RON is always online. Electronic in-person signings can be either online or can be done without any internet access, depending on how one is set up. So the original poster’s plan is not entirely clear.

Agree - Maybe we need clarification from the OP as to exactly what she has?

Thank You Ashton and Linda. I have both. I have taken the ron course for Florida My questions was what PDFs are notaries using? I have a MAC desktop computer and was having issues with Adobe. I was just testing it out. I want to know if there is other systems out there besides Adobe. I do have a digital certificate, I have my enotary seal from NNA. Im going to sign up with various companies to do electronic signings and ROn. But my questions was to know are there any other softwares outside of Adobe.0

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Hello :wave:
How are you doing with RON? I’m about to start the online course, and I have questions… please, if you don’t mind.
What device do you use? Tablet or laptop, what’s recommended?
What’s the fee for each RON you do?
Do you print any document? Or everything is online, like the signatures.
Thank you in advance :relaxed: