What Tablet's do most people use

What type of Tablets do most people use to do Hybrid closing or E-Closings? Looking to purchase a tablet or 2-in-1 laptop/ Chromebook. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

It’s going to be solely based on your needs and wants.

I have 2 upwardly mobile tech toys I use for signings other than my mobile (Note 8).

I use a iPad Pro and a Dell 2-n-1 (just a light weight laptop that folds in half to a tablet).

They both work great though I didn’t think I would like the 2-in-1.

My main line of business is IT and I could not get comfortable using any Chromebook I tried. It’s too limited for me

The 2-n-1 is Windows & touchscreen of course. I can run Linux, MacOS, and Chrome OS all on one machine as needed via VMWare.

If you want something you’re likely to be more familiar with… 2-n-1. You can have the same software on it you would a desktop. Quickbooks? Instant invoicing if not using QB Online. Word? Excel? Outlook (that is actually functional)? Go 2-n-1.

If you’re someone who manages her life on her cell and can truly do so… tablet.

For Hybrid closings, I’ve used my Samsung Tablet

I have always used Microsoft Surface for my everyday work. Its really a sleek looking device and fits all my needs.

For hybrids, I use the “Think Pad Yoga” and the “Jet Pac” by Verizon. I have had not problems. I was having problems using my data from my phone when I would do WiFi. I would get drop calls and static when talking. After checking into why - I found out that my phone needed to be on “voice” not “voice and data” usage. Now I have the “Jet Pac” and it works great, I just set it on the table - it automatically connects to my tablet/computer using my data - with no voice interference.