Where not to purchase supplies

Have you spent money on supplies that turned out to be a disappointment?

Once… many years ago…3 toner cartridges and 2 out of 3 streaked from the start and the 3rd printed about 50 pages & then starting leaving streaks, too. I don’t remember the co’s name; they did take them back & give me a full refund. Lesson learned. You get what you pay for.
Wish co’s that hired us would learn as quickly as I did.

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This stamp is junk…or maybe I just got a dud. Top clear plastic cover fell off the first time I used it. The next time I used it, the stamp got stuck and wouldn’t retract back into the ink pad until I wiggled the sides. Also, even pressure doesn’t guarantee an even stamp. 13.99 on Amazon, 19.99 on another site. Kicking myself for not spending the extra money for a decent stamp. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thank you in advance,
Maria Moore