I can't find this for the life of me!

Hello Y’all!

I have a quick question. Please let me know if you know this one. The first stamp I bought was from the NNA along with my book and other materials. This stamp came with a stamp cover. It’s just a black hard plastic cover that snaps onto the “Business End” of your stamp and, in my opinion, protects the stamp itself. When in place the stamp is much smaller and can fit comfortably in any pocket in my bag without the risk of inking the lining of my bag while moving.

I cannot find this accessory for the life of me! I have bought other stamps since then and NONE of them have this little black cover. Does anyone have an idea of where to get it? Does anyone really care or am I just really OCD on this one???

BTW - its a self inking 4913 stamp from Trodat.

I hear ya, I order two stamps from NNA because they are smaller than my local company maker of a round one I was using. I got black and purple ink ones, both no coves so I can’t close them up or anything and they do take up more space. My OCD was also going off when the month of my expiration is shortened to Mar with no period at the end while commission is shortened to comm. with a period. That entire sentence looks fussy to me with the commission expiration line plus no stamp cover - drives me slightly bonkers. I don’t know how you can get the cover. If you find out let me know, I would love to order covers for my two stamps. My round one has a cover and this helps it stay compact.

I don’t have that exact stamp but it sounds exactly like the one I have in terms of the size and cover. I got mine, and other supplies from Notary.net.

I highly recommend them. Andy is the owner, and he has gone above and beyond for me in terms of customer service, more than once. I also did my initial state training through him (he’s the instructor, too, and I think he has courses for every state that requires a course).

Finally, in my experience their prices tend to be lower than most other places, too.