Where to sign up for jobs?

Please help me understand where are the best companies to sign up for jobs with?

Thank you!

Jessi, have you seen the Search feature on Notary Café (magnifying glass to the left of your Profile image)? :slight_smile:

Just type in “Best Companies” to find numerous threads about this particular commonly asked Topic!

Here are two urls that you may find helpful that I found for you using that technique:

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Snapdoc is a good place to start.

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www.signingorder.com is a great site to work with dozens of companies directly and through Signing Agencies.

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I signed up with Snapdocs (free), Signingorder (free), and Signatureclosers (free). My first assignment was sent through Signingorder. I am pretty new. I just started in December 2020. It was harder to get signings in the beginning, but I started taking the assignments that were farther away from me (an hour drive out in the rural areas) and the lower paying ones. Certain areas don’t get snatched up as quickly because more experienced notaries won’t go that far for a lower fee. Now I have about 170 signings completed and I get several notifications from all three, everyday. Good Luck!


Hello I signed up for Snapdoc, i’m a beginner also. Every time I sign in it says invalid