123 Notary Harassing phone call

I received a call yesterday from Mr. Jeremy Belmont, owner of 123 Notary. He started my stating I “must” answer his questions and answer them correctly. I’ve been a Signing agent for going on 16 years, so this was not a problem I was worried about. The problem was his questions which were so obscure. I answered correctly and he said, “No thinking out loud” and he was “feeling nice today and wouldn’t take away points” with a very condescending, rude and arrogant manner. When I told him I didn’t care for his demeanor and no longer wish to continue this conversation he started yelling “something” and I had to yell louder to tell him to DO NOT CALL ME Again!.
I never got around to his reason for the call and I can see he was just trying to intimidate me into thinking I need his training. Frankly, I could train you Mr. Belmont ,your first lesson would be on manners!


I was a paid subscriber to 123 Notary for at least 10 years. I received the phone call telling me I had to answer his questions. Since I don’t work for him, and I complete all of my required training from the NNA, I inquired why. Jeremy took great exception to this challenge to his imagined authority. I only realized recently that i am no longer listed.
From all the similar postings I deduct that 123 Notary seems to be on a course of self destruction.


Exactly my thought and he would be to blame. I can’t see how this works for him or he thinks speaking to people in this manner would bring in people to his site? I think he takes the chance that he’ll reach a new agent.


I don’t understand why Jeremy insisted you must answer his questions. What were the questions related to? Weird. “No thinking aloud”. Was this some kind of notary test? I haven’t had any dealings with 123 for years. What did they ever do for my notary business? Nothing. I dropped my membership and haven’t given them a thought until your post.

We are in a professional business and everyone involved needs to be at professional level.


He is still at it??? Wow. Maybe he’s gone off the deep end but since he owns the business, he’s too far gone to realize the damage he is doing to his reputation and his business! Even if what others say is true (that he is trying to turn his website into a notary directory with only the best notaries), does he not think that others in the mortgage industry won’t find out about how he operates? Maybe not. He seems a little demented poor thing! I will pray for him that he see a doctor and get the CORRECT medicine to help him!

Bye, Bye 123Notary!


He loves thinking is has power over the notaries. He called me which was great! Because now I know what phone number to block! Fortunately when I said I was in the middle of something he let me off the phone. I have no intention of dealing with him and his unprofessional demeanor. He adds notaries to his site without them knowing. I keep check and at last check I haven’t been deleted, but if he does I won’t loose sleep over it. I really don’t want to be associated with him. His articles are racist and he should be shut down.


Lol Look at this…I had to give my 2 cents. Scoll down…He is complaining that Notaries are rude to HIM! lol https://www.facebook.com/123notary/ What I wrote~ You have got to be kidding! Obviously, you are oblivious to your own rampant rudeness…you might want to check yourself.


He called me on SUNDAY evening while I was having dinner with my family.

Yep happened to me too. I told him his questions were vague and didn’t seem to have anything to do with how good of a notary I am.
I’ve been in the business for 27 years, 16 as a mortgage underwriter.
He said I HAD to redo the “test” because he didn’t like my answers. I’ve been on his site for 10 plus years and receive no business from the site so I just went on with operating my business.

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Yeah same here he’s done the same to me we got into an argument about the questions he was asking, he hasn’t taken me off yet but I put his name to his number so now I know when he calls and I will be ignoring it. The bummer is a lot of my work comes from his website so I don’t want to lose my listing,

Yep he does that to a lot of the notaries listed on his site whether you’re on 1st 2nd or 3rd place position or have a free listing . Its his business so he feels he can handle it the way he “sees fit” the problem is that he isn’t very diplomatic about it or professional either. I was listed on his site on and off since 2011 when I renewed last year it cost me $500 to be on 3rd place position. This year the fee to renew would be double the cost without a clear explanation as to why. I spoke to Carmen his assistant who is easier to talk to, and she said Jeremy is calling to quiz notaries, if you passed then you can renew otherwise you would be removed from the list or unable to renew. There are threads on social media about this practice & many seasoned notaries who have passed his quiz still got their listing removed & even after paying for it. So I don’t know what is happening. :unamused:.

These are the questions on the quiz. Another Notary Posted them on social media.

  1. What is the difference between an oath and an affirmation
  2. What is the difference between an Acknowledgement and a Jurat
  3. Name all Notary Acts allowed in your state
  4. Who has the final authority to decide what goes on the venue for an acknowledgement / Jurat
  5. Can a borrower initial an acknowledgement if there is a change?
  6. If you add a loose certificate what precautions do you take to make sure it doesn’t get added to a different document by accident or fraudulently?
  7. If the FBI comes knocking on your door because you notarized someone with a fake ID what piece of information will they need to see?
  8. Which act (Notary) can a signer sign 10 year before appearing before the notary public?
  9. If you are using a pre-printed acknowledgment out by the lender after you inspect the he/she/they the date venue, what other things do you need to check on the acknowledgment before signing and stamping. Names match ID, No blanks & Proper Notary Verbiage
  10. Can you give an oath that says do you solemnly swear that your name is “Mickey Mouse”?
  11. Name to two notary acts that do not have a written document Signature Witnessing Oaths/Affirmations
  12. Name several acts beginning with the letter A as the 1st letter:
  13. What does “Subscribed & Sworn to before me by mean?
  14. What is an affiant?
  15. What is the technical term for a state & county?
  16. Name Several Situations where you might add a loose certificate?
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I had similar questions and answered them. He responded with this and then I responded. FYI I receive no business from his site anymore for years now, although I am still listed.

You did reasonably, but not super. Please learn all about all of the Notary acts in Notary Public 101 because a POA is a document and not an act. Also your differentiation of compliance and correction left a lot of critical info out.

Jeremy Belmont
123notary manager

As a Notary, you are legally responsible for understanding correct procedure for all notary acts, yet less than 1% can describe all notary acts correctly. This means you are likely to deny a legal request or satisfy a criminal request out of ignorance. This is why I teach notary acts. However, there are state specific rules for notary acts as well which I cannot and will not teach, but that you are responsible for learning.

Please restudy

Jeremy Belmont
123notary manager

Well most of those questions are not things that as a notary we would even think about and the compliance and correction form really are up to the loan agent to explain if they want to go into detail
I’ve never ever had a borrower ask me about those forms.
I was an underwriter for 16 years and have been in the business for 27 years, 12 years full time notaries
I’ve never had an issue ever.
I respect the questions and you and that’s why I even answered them, however I don’t think answering those questions reflects a good notary.
That’s my opinion after doing at least 12,000 notaries.

Thank you


Wow, I am surprised that he behaved that way. I’m glad he didn’t call me. I’ve worked with him in the past, and he was very polite.

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He called me late Saturday afternoon when I was in the supermarket check-out line. When I told him I had already answered his questions a week ago, he said he hadn’t marked it down so I needed to take his quiz again. I told him where I was and he would need to call another time during regular business hours. He was irritated and hung up. Now I see I am not longer listed, like I really care. I never received any business from his site. I had a free listing anyway. I never bad-mouth people I work for but this guy…

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Rude remarks…Just answer the questions asked…Simple! So sad for all of you complaining and demanding THEIR removal!!! He is just trying to make it a better place in my opinion…

Sooo, after about 12 years on his site I asked to be removed. I never get business from the site. After seeing the comments and realizing that my thoughts were shared I decided to leave the site.
I have spent the last nearly 28 years in this industry, 16 as a mortgage underwriter, and 12 years full time notary. One can always learn however when questions are asked they should be applicable to our responsibilities. There are some questions that apply, but many I feel overstep our boundaries. Although I have the skills to get more into depth on certain documents, it’s the loan agent’s responsibility to answer these questions.
I get concerned when I see a question about the FBI just showing up on your doorstep. For one, I would not do anything unless I had my attorney present.
Anyway I’ve know Jeremy a long time and I’m sad to leave but I feel that it’s what I needed to do.
This is just me and, yes, it’s just questions, but it’s like taking super low fees. We are very important and valuable parts of the mortgage transactions and are worth getting fair pay. We have business expenses etc as well.
We may be the only person the borrowers see and the last thing they may remember. I believe that representing our clients well is what is most important. Most signing companies and title companies don’t want you to overstep your responsibility as a notary.
We don’t work for a signing website. We aren’t paid by him…in fact we pay him, so he technically is supposed to provide US a service.
With the NNA, taking their certification tests give you something that nearly everyone requires now, along with the background check. Although I don’t agree with all the NNA does (what’s with all the snail mail to remind you of things? :slightly_smiling_face:) their questions are consistent with what I notary should know.
Years ago I did the certification test on the phone and passed it, although the questions didn’t necessarily pertain to notary skills and never got updated. This was I’m thinking like 10 years ago. That gave you a little symbol next to your name however in my region it didn’t help at all. I’m in a small region where there are very few of us.
In bigger places this site might be crucial to you however where I am it’s just not.
This is just my 2 cents. I don’t ever comment here however this topic was interesting and important.
Thank you for the original post.
Just take care of your clients and get paid what you are worth and you’ll be just fine. :slightly_smiling_face: Aloha!


“Demanding his removal”? I don’t know what you are speaking of. Removed from what? I missed those remarks. “A better place”? How? Is he trying to get us the pay we deserve and do something about the ridiculous low fees some are offering, that equate to making $10.00 an hour? No. If you are a person that will answer questions from a person that calls you with a disrespectful, demeaning tone only trying to intimidate you to think you will be unsuccessful if you don’t pay for his training, that is your prerogative. I am not saying I know everything and I’m open to learning more to help with my job,but I can tell you and can see by other posts of people that seem to feel the same, I will not let someone speak to me like he did… Ever. He gives me no business and is in no position to “demand” I do anything. I wondered how and on whom this tactic would work…,…I see it does on some. You teach people how to treat you by what you will accept.


Sorry, I meant to say THEIR removal from the site. In my personal experience, I answered the questions. I did NOT have to take a course. I get a lot of business from 123Notary that pays my fees far above $10 per hour. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with them. As for making the Notary Network a better place, yes I think Jeremy is…I believe his goal, IMO, and what I have read in the articles posted, is to have a site that people can count on getting experienced notaries. Again, sorry you had a bad experience, I however did not.

I’m glad you are happy with him and his services. I can only assume that he wasn’t rude to you. FTR,I don’t accept the ridiculous low fees some are offering and am doing well on my own without his service. Take care.